Saint Lucia plans to ‘significantly’ increase efforts to reduce its food import bill with the help of this country’s Taiwanese friends, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has disclosed.

In a post on his Facebook page, Chastanet observedthat in order to achieve this, there will be a focus on improving the production of 7 key fruits and vegetables whilst limiting their importation.

“We will also be strengthening the linkages with hotels and our farmers to help increase their market,” the former Tourism Minister disclosed.

According to the PM, climate change adaptation is also very high on the agenda.

He asserted that there is need to give current and future farmers the support to minimise the effects of hurricanes, droughts and flooding.

“My Government remains committed to improving the conditions for farmers and to providing greater opportunities for their participation and success in our economy,” Chaastanet stated.

He described Taiwan, which will assist in reducing Saint Lucia’s food import bill, as having been ‘a very good and reliable friend’ to this country since diplomatic relations were resumed in 2007.

“They have assisted us in fighting the black sigatoka disease, contributed annually to the Constituency Development Programme, provided assistance in helping increase banana production, assistance with GiNet- The Government’s island-wide wireless internet project and many many more areas,” Chastanet recalled.



    • Do you have to take the lead on everything? If you did not know it you sound so imbecilic at times. This sort of arrogance will not help your partys chances at the polls next time around. You isolate your ministers and don’t give them their time to shine. It’s all about you. We stopped believing anything you say long time ago

      • Jeepy we sometimes need to remove the nasty toxic politics from our minds if just for a moment. And focus on what will benefit the country as a whole. You said nothing on the subject at hand. How will reducing the food import bill will benefit not just the farmers but you and I when we go to the Castries market or the supermarket. It can even give us some advantage in we can export the surplus if we do things right enough. I have heard every government express the desire to reduce our food imports. And all have work in one way or the another to do so no matter how small it might have been. Instead you jumped on arrogance and all the petty, ugly, name calling rhetoric that you can think of. We have to live with what was democratically elected whether it be SLP or UWP. It will not be good for Fair Helen if any government were to fall before its term ends. Political distabilzation is never good for any country. So if we are going to criticize and oppose let’s do it in a fair, objective and intelligent manner.

  1. How will he keep things from running out in the supermarkets ie eggs, milk, onions, spinach, limes,tomatoes, ground beef and the list goes on.

    • I believe he said reduce. Not stop.
      Btw good initiative. The farmers will benefit. And while you’re at it reduce the prices Mr PM.

  2. I’ve been preaching this for years ,that our import bill is too high ,and it’s time to take the cul-de-sac Valley and create a national farm ,good and water security is essential ,hope we truly reduce or import bill

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