The President of the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA), Sanovnik Destang, has told reporters here that although Saint Lucia will not be hosting the Mercury Beach event this year, all is not lost.

Destang said while it is ‘disappointing’ to know that negotiations for the event did not go as well as hoped, there was still something in the pipeline that he could not disclose.

“There are still plans to ensure that it is not a total loss in terms of this sort of event” he explained.

According to the SLHTA President, local entrepreneurs are trying to see what they can salvage, if not this year, then certainly for the future.

“It is also important to note that you have the CPL cricket happening at the same time and last year in fact, many of us had a bit of difficulty accommodating visitors who wanted to come for the cricket tournament because there was Mercury Beach at the same time.”

“There is also the thought that we can make a bit more of the CPL this time around and encourage people from Trinidad and Barbados and other supporting Islands to come to Saint Lucia at that time,” Destang explained.

He said Mercury beach is a private event with investors being able to change their minds about where the activity is held.

“Suffice it to say if you were to ask the majority of the patrons where they would prefer to have the event, there is no doubt that Saint Lucia would come out on top due to the ease of getting here, due to the quality of accommodation, due to the spending power – them coming and spending Euros,” the SLHTA President observed.

He described Mercury Beach as having had a positive impact on tourism in Saint Lucia during a traditional slow season.

The event dates back on July 2013 when it was held in Martinique and four subsequent ones were held in Saint Lucia.

It was billed as an upmarket event with the primary objective of providing a unique beach experience to Saint Lucians and visitors.


  1. It’s all political and Destang is corrupt! It was all good when the opposition was in power, but it’s an issue now. Wikileaks #destang

  2. Disappointed.. fedee and pm trying to privatize pigeon point . Any event for the locals is not welcomed. Seriously speaking , so much money is been spent during mercury beach bash . Everyone is making a dollar up north . Why feeder stopped it .

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