From R-L - PS Publc Service Esther Bousquet, PM Allen Chastanet, Taiwan Ambassadror HE Douglas Shen, with GINet team
From R-L - PS Publc Service Esther Bousquet, PM Allen Chastanet, Taiwan Ambassadror HE Douglas Shen, with GINet team

St Lucians will soon begin enjoying free Wi-Fi service in parks and other public places across the island through the support of the Government of Taiwan.

Taiwanese Ambassador Douglas C.T. Shen presented EC$4.7 million to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet on Wednesday to support the Government Island-wide Network Project (GINET).

The initiative is aimed at providing free wireless internet coverage in towns and villages across the island.

Officials say the objective is to increase overall internet use in St Lucia and encourage businesses to provide more innovative services to residents and visitors.

Speaking at the Cheque presentation ceremony held at the Office of the Prime Minister, Ambassador Shen expressed Taiwan’s full commitment to the GINET project.

“Through our joint efforts in this meaningful program, it will continue to enhance the safety environment and bring benefits to the communities,” Shen stated.“ Taiwan will always work together with the St Lucian government for making a better life for the people of St Lucia.”

As part of the agreement, Taiwan is contributing USD$3.28 million to the project, with the Government of Saint Lucia providing the remaining USD$720.000 thousand to meet the estimated project cost of USD$4 million.

The Government of Taiwan has also provided training in the installation and maintenance of the Network.

Prime Minister Chastanet thanked Taiwan for its support saying that contributions from Asian nation has had a significant impact on communities throughout St Lucia.

“To say that it has made a significant impact on our economy and the wellbeing of St Lucians, is in many ways an understatement, and again I’m not sure there are sufficient words to express our gratitude to the people of the Republic of China (Taiwan),” Chastanet said.

The project is now into the second phase which includes the installation of the GINET backbone and Wi-Fi access points.


  1. Please come clean Mr Prime Minister and Ezechiel “Douf” Joseph. Do not act like a jamet, taking Taiwan money and not delivering on the promise to bring Wireless Internet Service to the communities.
    Case in point, Garrand community, through an After School programme secured 13 computers to assist youth in the area. Wireless Internet service was also a welcome addition to the project.Immediately after the June 06,2016 General election, the programme was abandoned while the hardware left to deteriorate. and the poor children suffer. Those who control boast that their children are privileged to have internet at home.This is cruel
    Lord put a hand !

  2. Great….Because I spend to much on buying data from Digicel and Lime who gives poor service. I might as well get the poor service for free.

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