ubaldus raymond
ubaldus raymond

Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Doctor Ubaldus Raymond, has asserted that while the Allen Chastanet administration is happy to note that its revenue enhancement policies are working, wages and salaries remain a source of concern.

But he made it clear that the government has no intention of cutting salaries.

‘We are very cautious with the way that money is expended, that is why we have a policy of controlling our debt and we have taken certain measures to control our expenses as well,’ the minister told reporters Tuesday.

Raymond asserted that there can be no doubt that public servants wages and salaries have increased over the years.

By his recollection, in the last ten to fifteen years wages and salaries have probably doubled.

‘It is a major concern to this government and any government that comes in. In fact, the increase in wages and salaries actually happened under the labour party and I am not saying in any way that we are cutting back on salaries,’ Raymond explained.

‘The government is very cognizant of that particular line item in the budget on its revenues,’ he stated.

According to Raymond, when pensions are added to rising salaries, additional pressure is put on the government revenues.


  1. I don’t think that is a problem as stated by ubaldass the government has enough money to pay salaries for Ojo Lab. Use the passport noney to assist us

  2. UR…take a listen to yourself ..just gabbage u talking . U all have money to give to all people but for us the workers u all finding hard to pay…CIP money can be used for all shit but not worker .Police waiting and watching closely

    • And when Kenny ordered the wage freeze , members of the various unions heard it on the news like general public. No member of the executive saw it fit to tell us. Not a word, not a word, not a word.

  3. please ask the minister what portion of pensions and gratuities are paid to civil servants when consultants work for two years and paid huge gratuities while civil servants have to wait till 55 yrs to collect.

    Also what are their priorities, paying consultants to do work that full time civil servants are qualified and train to do. wheel and come again minister.

  4. Not all civil servants retire at 55. Some go at 50 or before and then come back full time after they have taken a gratuity and getting a pension.

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