Edmund Estephane Released On Bail

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Former United Workers Party (UWP) Member of Parliament Edmund Estephane is out on bail awaiting case management after police arrested him Thursday, law enforcement officials have confirmed.

The police said they arrested Estephane and charged him for assault and damage to property.

According to reports, the charges arose from an incident in Dennery.

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  1. Sadaad these folks . Lucian use y”all head. Stop putt these nuckleheads in any position because they dress well and talk well. Character matters.

  2. A three line article. SLT y’all not ashamed. Anyway I forgot y’all don’t do investigative journalism but say one say two, at least give a proper, substantial report or nothing at all.

  3. I thought the man was a decdec, so I anticipated something else when I heard he was arrested. What kind of reporting of an incident is that? Did he damage someone’s property? Did he pay someone to do it for him? Well you do the crime you serve the time or pay the fine.

  4. Political Immunity expire! How was this guy even eligible to represent humans? Dennery south….what were you all thinking?

  5. As goes the leadership, so goes the country! No wonder we are where we are at this stage of our history as we get ready to celebrate our 43rd anniversary as an independent nation! Where is the discipline, civility and the other essential virtues that are needed for the maintenance of law & order, which are necessary for genuine nation-building?

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