Education minister underscores importance of early education

GIS:-Early Childhood Education is the Foundation of the Education Sector.

The Division of Education continues to support integrated early childhood care and development in the education system.

Minister with responsibility for Education, Hon Dr Gale Rigobert, said the ministry recognizes the need to ensure that every child is able to access early childhood education as it is the foundation of the education sector.

“I want to applaud the efforts of the team that works with early childhood education centers, for ensuring that we get the required standards approved by the Bureau of Standards, that they have incorporated concerns about safe schools and child friendly schools, that they take into account nutrition in schools, and abolishing corporal punishment,” the minister said.

Dr Rigobert added that another thrust of the ministry is to put in place policies geared toward the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in education, even at the lower levels of the education system. To facilitate this process, the ministry has undertaken dialogue and consultation with many stakeholders and policy makers.

“We will wait for a healthy policy and a holistic approach to the infusion of ICT in education,” she said. “The teachers will become adequately trained, many have already signed up for training under the OAS program. The children also will receive accompanying programs to better equip them to use the technology meaningfully and productively.”

For the upcoming academic year, the ministry will launch a Digital Literacy course in an effort to ensure students are competent in the use of digital technologies.


  1. Awesome job ministry of education we need those type of environment for young children. Early experiences provide the base and fundamental approach for brain development. Children are open to learning and early years is the most critical years than any other time in their life. According to (Jonh bowlby) children need love and nurturing environment to develop a sense of trust also exposure to a rich and educational atmosethere .

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