City Police Officers visited  learning institutions including the Dunnottar School for children with special needs, to support activities for Reading Month.

Officer Timothy Moses who visited the Dunnottar school last week described it as a “great experience.”

(Officer Tamara Barrow reads to students)

He disclosed that two of the teachers at the school asked him to read to the students.

Moses, who has a child attending the institution, told St Lucia Times he decided to show up in uniform as a mark of respect.

“It was wonderful. The students were curious and listening and they all sat attentively,” he recalled.

According to Moses, afterwards there was a birthday party for one of the students.

The City Police official told St Lucia Times that  supporting the reading month activity demonstrates that the City Police officers are not all about patrolling the streets looking for criminals and fighting crime.

“The City Police are also involved in educating our children – the elders of tomorrow,” Moses stated.

Saint Lucia is celebrating Reading Month in May under the theme: ‘Collaborating to Close the Literacy Gap – Read for Change.’

The Ministry of Education says the theme encourages all stakeholders to contribute to the literacy development of children, both primary and secondary.

“Parents and the corporate community are encouraged to make their contributions by working with schools, principals, teachers and students,” the ministry stated.


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