Former General Secretary of the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT), Virginia Albert-Poyotte, has urged the adoption of a uniform cell phone policy for schools in the Caribbean.

“I think the Caribbean Union of Teachers – this organisation has been discussing that issue at length and I think even across the region, we could come up with a uniform policy,” Albert-Poyotte told St Lucia Times.

She suggested that Saint Lucia could play a lead role in the matter.

“I know that Dominica has done something in the past – there is a cell phone policy in Dominica. So Saint Lucia could look at the arguments for and against and come up with a policy that would allow the phone to be used as a tool for instruction and not a distraction.”

The veteran educator, who is a former President of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union, observed that cell phones can be valuable tools.

But she warned that they can be detrimental if misused.

Albert-Poyotte suggested that the Ministry of Education could engage the union representing teachers, members of the public and parents to come up with a policy that is ‘workable.’