Education Minister, Doctor Gale Rigobert, has accepted full responsibility for the situation at the Beanfield Comprehensive Secondary School, telling reporters Monday that is what leaders do.

“I bitterly regret the sequence of events. I regret that what is now happening should have happened before the parents chose the school as an option for their children. I apologise on behalf of my staff that this was not done previously. I beg that you forgive us,” Rigobert said at a press briefing.

However she disclosed that her ministry is working very closely with stakeholders to correct the situation.

The disclosure comes days after the opposition spokesman on education, Guibion Ferdinand, chided the Ministry of Education  over its announcement that students of  feeder schools to the Beanfield Comprehensive Secondary School will be required to change their school choices made for the academic year 2018/2019, mere weeks before the Common Entrance Exam, slated for Wednesday June 13th 2018.

“The change of school choice is clearly not a viable option. The parents themselves have clearly communicated this by rejecting that option. There is still time to provide the Beanfield Comprehensive Secondary School with the additional classroom spaces that can adequately house their form one classes this September,” Ferdinand said in a statement.

Education Minister Doctor Gale Rigobert disclosed that it was brought to her attention that a capacity challenge was being encountered at the Beanfield school.

She said internally, instructions were given to engage with stakeholders to determine a way forward since there was no physical space in the current construct, to house incoming Form One students.

“Admittedly, things did not happen in the way that they should have and my colleagues know that I preach :’Engage! Engage! Engage! Consult! Consult! Consult, well before things morph into a problem.”

“I am the leader of the Ministry. I will assume full responsibility for whoever – whichever unit might have dropped the ball in that regard. That is what leaders do.”

“I pray that after having perused the menu of options that we have come up with after the consultations, all parties will be satisfied that the government of Saint Lucia and the Ministry of Education would have served our clientele well,” Rigobert stated.


  1. Forgive you, but what about the key question. What will be done to the students who have applied to attend this school? What are you doing to fix the problem? Thats all tis damn government does, “Its not may fault”. I dont want to hear this. I want to know what you are doing or going to do to remedy the situation. Thats what you were put there for, to govern, fix problems not make excuses

    • Are you stupid or deliberate. The minister apologized for the situation, meaning she accepted responsibility Secondly she said that they are working closely with all stake holders to resolve the promptly. Instead of the usual ignorance think first instead of using your inferior brain of your.. Farther more, stop the party hat attitude it does a disservice to fair Hellen well.

  2. Find out who the lazy asses whom deliberately did not follow instruction to engage the stakeholders whom you spoke about. These labar hacks at those ministries should be sent to work at the prisons.

  3. Ephraim, your unwarranted diatribe does nothing to allay the fears and justifiable concerns of the parents who have already signed up for their children to attend this particular school. Your deplorable statements show intolerance, indiscipline and immaturity. You are the one with the inferior brain since you have sunken to such a low level. You deserve our collective scorn and rejection. People are entitled to their own opinions , they don’t have to ask for your permission or approval. By the way, you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
    Minister Rogobert, I commend for your forthrightness. It’s a refreshing change from the norm of passing the buck or engaging in blatant lies. However, the same mistake(s) must not be repeated. We appreciate your honesty but just think beyond the curve in the future.

  4. Y’all can never accept responsibility for y’all screw ups….now it’s your internal staff getting the blame. Stop,this crap! Gale you do not have time for the ministry because you are too busy running your garbage collection business. Jeez man, stop the damn blame game.

    • Very well said. She blames the staff now. She is one who never listens to her staff. Shame on you gale. The staff did all what they had to do.

  5. Perfect example ….a government that does not think b4 they act.. now playing blam game …cbopzz

  6. Including “that’s what leaders do”, is a self-righteous, pat-yourself-on-the-back, soap-box statement. If you apologize then apologize and done. Don’t look for praises when you do it. Let others do so. That just sounds like pure, undiluted arrogance to me.

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