PRESS RELEASE:-Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert met recently with stakeholders involved in the temporary relocation of the George Charles Secondary School and divisions of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

Students and staff of the George Charles Secondary School will be reassigned to the Jon Odlum Secondary School, effective September 5th, 2016, in order to house divisions of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, which must undergo extensive repairs.

Dr. Rigobert said she was extremely pleased with the outcome of the meeting.

“Most importantly – issues of curriculum, instruction, student management, staff and student well-being – among other issues – were raised, as we want to ensure minimum disruptions to staff, students and the parents. Therefore, I trust that having this discussion and given that a committee has been established to oversee the transitioning process, that all affected persons will appreciate the need for the temporary arrangement,” the Minister said in an interview following the meeting, which included Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and the Saint. Lucia Teachers’ Union.

President of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union Julian Monrose said this kind of dialogue enhances the relationship between the Ministry of Education and the SLTU, especially in circumstances, like the one which is currently being confronted.

“We always indicated that we want to have open and free dialogue with the Ministry of Education. We are involved in the business of education, we represent the professionals in the system and nothing can happen if you don’t have the professionals on board. So, we are very happy that the ministry understands that it needs to engage the Teachers’ Union. The whole idea is to find solutions, because there will be problems in any system,” said the SLTU President.

The Ministry of Education has commenced demolition of curtained termite infested structures of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, and expects to commence rehabilitation works shortly.