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Educators attend ACT workshop

GIS:The Initiative will Help Schools be Better Prepared to Inform Students About the ACT.

The Department of Education has embraced a new initiative that will and promote lifelong learning opportunities for higher education for school leavers. The department collaborated with ACT examination officials earlier this week, to host a training workshop for educators.

ACT International Coordinator Erica Hepburn, who is facilitating the training, said the initiative will help schools be better prepared to inform their students about the ACT.

“The objective of the ACT program is to assist students in Saint Lucia to gain a composite score that will enable them to gain admittance and to be scholarship eligible,” Ms. Hepburn said. “One distinctive difference between the ACT and the SAT is that students will be able to get a STEM score, so in one exam they will get a composite score, and a STEM score—the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics component—so that those students who would like to pursue STEM fields don’t have to take additional exams.”

Acting Coordinator of School Guidance Counseling, Joycelyn Eugene, said the training is timely, as part of School Guidance Counselors duties is to prepare students for college.

“They were apprised of how to guide the students in preparation for the examination. The students are excited, the counselors are excited, and I’m hoping that the workshop will be beneficial to all parties concerned,” she said.

Over 100 students will be offered the opportunity to sit the ACT exam, and ACT officials want as many as possible to take advantage of the opportunity, ensuring school principals are on board.

One such school is the Castries Comprehensive Secondary.

“As an educator we want to allow our students all possible opportunities for education,” said Principal Marva Daniel. “So students are now able to prepare for and take an exam that enables them to be more equipped to apply to colleges and universities around the world. It really expands their opportunities, and I hope that parents embrace this wholeheartedly.”

The ACT is an international standardized test which students utilize to get admittance to colleges and universities abroad.


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