Edward: ‘This Academic Year Is One Of Transformation’

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Education Minister Shawn Edward has declared that ‘this academic year is one of transformation’ in an address on Sunday ahead of the reopening of schools.

The Dennery North MP explained that the promise of the new school year is steeped in the lessons from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education.

Edward said integrating information and communications technology in education was here to stay.

In this regard, he committed to ensuring that schools, teachers, and students get the training and resources for graduating digital citizens.

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Edward declared that by mid September, every secondary school child should have a learning device supporting the new technology integration approach.

“Primary schools will also benefit from over 2000 devices and smart classrooms in the coming months,” he disclosed.

In addition, the Minister spoke of greater prominence for technical and vocational education training in exploring alternative pathways for students.

In the wide-ranging address, Edward asserted that the ‘one size fits all’ approach to educating young people must not be allowed to continue for much longer.

The complete address appears below:

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Mr Minister, while I applaud the work you are doing with education, I maut stress my disappointment with the level of literacy in St Lucia. Firstly, we are an English speaking Nation, yet I see how difficult it is for many citizens to express themselves clearly. Some struggle with the English language. It’s time more is done to address that deformity. By a trick of history this is our tongue. For what it’s worth it is what we inherited and therefore we should seek to maximize its strength. It is well known that the western world of business is based on English law and therefore the English language takes pride of place. Most of the tech invented are from English speaking countries…Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple….etc etc …hence, we as a nation should seek to make that our strength by improving the people’s ability to speak clearly and concisely.

    Secondly, the government has made teaching and speaking Kwéyòl a priority in the school system. I see no problem with that, but it must be supported by proper tuition into writing, speaking and reading English, because while kweyol is part of our culture, most of the world can’t speak or understand Kwéyòl ..but a vast majority of the world understands and speak English…it is the language of business and so more effort must be put into improving the citizens skills in English language.

    I would go further still. Why not make Kwéyòl, French and English the administrative languages of St Lucia… instantly you would have opened a vast world to the citizens of Saint Lucia including greater linguistic connections to our cousins in Martinique, Guadeloupe… One thing I have realised is that our leaders are slow to grab the initiative in moving our nation forward in progress

  2. Hon Minister, kindly assess the administrative operations of the Department of Nursing at SALCC. The students in that department are very, very unhappy. Also, if I may add the lecturers too. Many lecturers have left that department recently simply because of the administrator unprofessional and disrespectful attitude. Please assist to safeguard our future. Thank you.


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