Thursday, December 12, 2019

Eight Communities To Benefit From Village Tourism Projects

Press Release:- The Government of Saint Lucia has announced several planned projects.

These projects include a nationwide road rehabilitation project, new properties to be constructed, the Hewanorra International Airport Redevelopment Project, and a Village Tourism initiative.

Minister for Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, Culture and Creative Industries, Hon. Dominic Fedee, recently highlighted the Village Tourism initiative. The initiative will allow for a different type of experience—one where visitors can immerse themselves in everything local.

An official launch will be held once legislation has been passed. The project will initially encompass eight villages including Gros Islet, Anse La Raye, and Soufriere.

Under the project, each village will have its own theme, such as Wellness, Arts and Crafts, and Local Traditions.

With the help of low-interest financing supported by the government, property owners in each village will be encouraged to upgrade their homes and properties to make them suitable as accommodations for visitors.

All owners will be licensed and will undergo training to ensure that the accommodations and services are comparable to those offered at the island’s existing hotel resorts.


  1. this sound like a wonderful idea, giving the locals a chance to make some money, and stop depending on the government. i know for a fact we do have entrepreneurs among us… so no more talk lets make it happen

  2. Correct me if am wrong but for some reason the government has completely turned its back on the east side of the island. Keeping one side with fruits and the other side with misery and poverty. So wrong, such treatment has to come to an end

    • You mean Micoud and Dennery? Are you listening to the News? Please get yourselves informed. It is not because Soufriere needed a square Micoud and Dennery would need a square also. These are agriculture community and they are benefiting. The roads are being improved on. Their water supplies are being i.proved on. Sporting facilities are being improved on. What else do you want?

  3. personally i think there should be a space where st lucians can live in peace without your so called tourists, who come into those communities fill up their instagram with people’s day to day lives.. i mean, i need to be frank here, there is a time, space and place for everything. there are tourist areas, they should be encouraged to be there, not joining in on the “gawking of the locals.” you people have no brain in that island. i am seeing this way too much now in small communities. people are entitled to their privacy in the home without tourist invasion. and these people add nothing to these communities, they just broke like you and me, looking for adventure to go back home and boast about. better start drawing the line on your tourist product and realise that you should focus on the ordinary lucians who put u all there. and not tourists

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