Thursday, September 29, 2022

Eight People Injured After Two Vehicles Collide In Dennery

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A minibus and a motorcar collided in Dennery Wednesday, resulting in injuries to eight people, all of whom the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) said it transported to the Dennery Hospital.

According to emergency personnel, seven of the victims were on board the minibus, and one was in the motorcar.

A fire service official explained that some of the injuries appeared to be severe but did not seem life-threatening.

The SLFS said it received a call for assistance about 5:45 p.m.

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The latest road accident occurred just hours after the fire service on Wednesday morning renewed an appeal to road users to exercise caution amid a spate of accidents that have resulted in injuries to several individuals.

In addition, two separate accidents on Sunday claimed the lives of two male individuals.

Headline photo: Screen grab from video on social media

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  1. St lucia needs a purge God heal the land the people will perish if they don’t change their mindset and wicked ways..a 238 Sq mils country is wild..shame to say the country has no leadership look at those at the head has no discipline..The red and yellow killing the country pjp is no leader cult administration

  2. Ok, my concern is why it always seems coincidential; last time 3 fires, 3 murders on that same day in the Prime Minister’s constituency, now yesterday 2 accidents and two murders. What is going on in this country. I think because of all the I obeah done to win the elections that’s why all these things are happening. People lets pray that God forgives this nation, because if he doesn’t, we will face his wrath. The Prime Minister need to call for more days designated for prayer. The last time I heard rubbish from Ernest Hilaire talking about carnival for next year , he better rethink. Why didnt he ask for a week of prayer. God is angry with this nation. Repent, repent, repent before it is too late.

  3. We St lucians we need to wake up St lucians gave God a back seat a d welcome the devil those who are blind to it will one day understand because the devil is taking his payment believe it or not we are going through a tough time .the people that needs to pay the devil needs to step up

  4. The stupidity continues and the blight multiplies. I deeply believes that the country is under some curse. What has been happening lately with the amount of murders, rampant crime, the motorbike and other vehicle accidents one after another, is just too much.. Something is definitely wrong. You turn your back on God, you will certainly pay a heavy price. If people will turn from their wicked ways, and pray to the Almighty, things will change.

  5. Regina you really need a true awakening as to why these things are happening and how this country is being operated. Our country is under a cult that is SLP

  6. No wonder we are pegged as having the lowest IQ. The ignorance in the comments are on display for the world to see. Blame a government for everything. Recklessness, irresponsibility, bad behaviour and the wicked hearts of people are all government’s fault. St. Lucia is really not a real place and its people are a bunch of unintelligent, ignorant fools. Seriously

  7. The devil needs it’s dues. You don’t win an election through evil means and think everything will be alright. Trust in God and follow his rightous ways.

  8. @Honesty f#&k off you bitter loser your Massa Allen Chastanet run away he couldn’t care less for the likes of you and yet your on here barking like a dog

  9. We all know what’s happening to st. Lucia. St. Lucians did it vote slp in. Slp hijack the country and now we are all paying for it. Their dirty nasty ways.
    We need to get slp out at the soonest. Enough is enough!!!

    • ….keep dreaming you Yellow Johncrow…… dream on we all have a Christmas Wish that don’t mean to say you are going to get it, especially when yellow clowns are on the naughty list for all the WRONGS they have done to St Lucia and the St Lucian People so cry a blasted river. Saved by the Black Santa in the Red Suit Clown !!!!

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