Wednesday, September 28, 2022

ELECTIONS: eMagine Solutions Inc. Reintroduces ‘Poll St. Lucia’

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Press Release:-  With the date for general elections in Saint Lucia expected to be announced any minute now, the re-introduction of the “Poll St. Lucia” app will certainly assist the electorate in making their choices.

First launched and used widely during the 2016 election season in Saint Lucia, the app has the potential to become a more accurate way of predicting the outcome of the elections than the official polls.

The free yet powerful app allows people to indicate their preferences and gauge the process.

The information is submitted anonymously with only basic profile information being collected about gender and age group, along with party and candidate choice.

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Once a user has completed his or her voter profile, that user will be able to see the aggregate submission from all those who have downloaded the app.

According to Ian Mitchell, Managing Director of eMagine Solutions Inc., the app was introduced five years ago amid great fervour and excitement blended with voter apathy among the youth.

He noted that the Poll St. Lucia app provides a platform for people to have their voices heard.

People of voting age are encouraged to download and share the Poll St. Lucia app with friends and family to get a truer picture of what Saint Lucians at home and abroad really feel about their parties and candidates. Of course, keep checking and posting results to social media.

General elections are constitutionally due by October 2021 and contesting political parties have already begun their respective campaigns.

The Poll St. Lucia app is, therefore, a crucial platform to gauge the pulse of the electorate in real-time.

The Poll Barbados, Poll Grenada and Poll Dominica apps have also been used for predicting election results in those respective countries.

While there were not as many participants in those islands and the sample sizes were not sufficient enough to make a prediction, the results were nonetheless accurate.

In January 2020, the number of mobile connections in Saint Lucia stood at 196,000 – equivalent to 107% of the total population.

There is a growing comfort among mobile users who increasingly use mobile apps. As such, there is no greater and more accurate means for soliciting the views of our electorate than via the Poll St. Lucia app.

The app is available for Android via the Google Play Store or for iPhone via the Apple Store by searching for “Poll St Lucia.”

It can be downloaded via the company website at

Alternatively, iPhone users may download the app from the following iOS link

Android users may download it from Facebook, go to

Media houses are also encouraged to discuss the results of the polling as part of their programming during the upcoming general elections. T

he leader-board can be viewed at

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