Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Saint Lucia

PRESS RELEASE:-Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) will provide visa-free treatment for nationals of Saint Lucia to visit Taiwan effective from July 12, 2017. Most Saint Lucians who are traveling to Taiwan for the purpose of tourism, business purpose, visiting relatives, as well as attending international conferences or exhibition can enter the country and stay up to 30 days without having to obtain a visa.

However, this arrangement is not applicable to Saint Lucian nationals who were born in Mainland China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Yemen Republic. They are still required to apply for a visa before travel.

Eligible travelers must also meet the following requirements:

  1. hold a standard passport with remaining validity of at least six months as of the date of entry;
  2. hold a confirmed return flight (boat) ticket and a valid visa for an onward destination;
  • possesses no criminal record, as verified by immigration units upon arrival at an airport or port in Taiwan.

Saint Lucia nationals who intend to travel to Taiwan for other than the above-mentioned purposes such as employment, study, residence with family, attend courses, or wish to stay in Taiwan longer than 30 days, must submit an application for an appropriate visa at an embassy or overseas mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan).


  1. People. .yall saw what happened to a male student who went and Study in one of their Country.he was jailed for some time.and then they send him back to his family .in a VEgetables. State of mind .amd few days later he died

    • Lol that was north Korea he was an suspected spy,,besides the us an north Korea are not allies.,so Yh bro get ur info correct before start making ppl think it’s a terrible country ?

    • Read on that again, you have you facts wrong. There are plenty of successful young St Lucians who took up such opportunities to study in Taiwan.They are all okay except one who passed away in a motorcycling accident.

    • Same thing I’m saying. Thank you. Please see my response to that comment.

  2. This is just smoke!!! The majority of Lucians will never visit Taiwan. Other than study, Taiwan is of no touristic value to St. Lucia. Additionally, it is just too expensive to visit.

    • So is visa-free travel to:

      Czech Republic

      And that didn’t make impossible for persons to take advantage of. On my trips I’ve visited 4 of those countries. Would you call that smoke too? (Rhetorical, don’t answer. PLEASE, I INSIST)

      • Intelligent Lucian, please read carefully! My statement never insinuated that it is IMPOSSIBLE to travel to Taiwan. It just stated that Most St. Lucians will never visit the place. Woop-ti-do, you have been able to visit those four countries . . . you are only one of the few! How many Lucians have interest to visit those countries you mentioned? The price of a ticket alone is approximately $4000. Which average St. Lucian (other than you) will have that type of “spare change” to holiday in Taiwan? That’s why I said “SMOKE”. And I stand by my initial statement!

    • Not as expensive as you think. A round trip to Taiwan can go as low as $1,200 US. A trip to St. Kitts can easily run up to $400 US. A 1 hour flight vs flying 24 hours. You get more value for your money going to Taiwan. The only problem is that Asians are racists to bombo. And the language barrier will make it difficult for you to enjoy it. But if you can I encourage you to explore the rest of the world.

  3. St.Lucians can spread rumors,the illiterates no wonder nobody dont like you’ll false news again that was North Korea.And when people think they can go in people country and do what they want.Rhat American student should have remembered he was in North Korea,he should have payed attention to his studies and leave political Propaganda alone,pulling down prime minister kim Jong-un the mad max picture off the wall.yes they arrest him he was sentenced to 15 years,play with North Korea,but he served I year.They extract his brain cells.Do youll dirt in youll country not in somebody else.That boy play with fire.Obey the laws or stay in St.Lucia the lawless land. (Word deleted)

  4. Yes! Go spend some of the money they been giving St Lucia back in their country… The beginning of pay back time. I would insist that those who have been pocketing

  5. Yes very Racist…Once i went in one of them stores.pick up an item cant remenber what cause its been a while.father was in front of store.and son was in i ask him how much is this.and the father was like ching chung.ching Chung in his language and the boy drop the stuff down ran out to his father..and i just walk out of store like a dog..So Yes they ate Very Racist

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