Emergency Shelter Staff Get Training In COVID-19 Protocols

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Press Release:– The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the National Emergency Management Organisation NEMO, recently hosted a series of workshops with emergency shelters staff aimed at bringing awareness on dealing with the new COVID-19 environment in the shelters. 

Deputy Director of NEMO Maria Medard says she is very pleased with the participation of the emergency shelters staff as it will build their capacity to respond effectively for the prevention and control of COVID-19 at those shelters.

Maria Medard

“We have had those sessions at four areas in La Clery, Choiseul, Micoud and at the Marigot Secondary School. We have chosen those areas because we wanted to give a greater exposure to the support staff as much as possible get a lot of people involved in the awareness of COVID-19 when you have activated a shelter; life at a shelter these days with COVID-19.”

Medard also expressed hope that participants will gain a wealth of knowledge from the training which will be used to impact positively the operations of the shelters during COVID-19. 

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“We are hoping at the end of it that  support staff will have greater awareness of how to handle shelters now in this new environment of COVID-19. The aspect of safety first, safety for yourself and safety for your shelters, this is important. So, we felt that we should partner with the Ministry of Health in providing that form of education.”

The emergency shelter managers and support staff were also granted the opportunity to partake in a simulation exercise highlighting how to accept people into a shelter and what to do now with COVID-19.

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