Thursday, September 29, 2022

Engaging The South In The New Normal- No Business Should Feel Isolated

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Press Release:– The Chamber’s pledge to incorporate the need of all its members in its development and advocacy agenda over the last few years has led to the creation of program specifically designed to meet the needs of the Members located in the Southern parts of the island through the Southern Members program.  

This program has enhanced the Chamber’s relationships with members located in the south, while enhancing relationships between members of that community.

The Chamber notes that the onset of the Covid-19 era has resulted in an interruption in the delivery of events included in the 2020 Chamber Southern Community event calendar. 

In maintaining the objective of an increased presence in the south of the island, the Chamber has rekindled the conversation with members to ensure the comprehensive understanding of emerging issues and exploration of possible solutions.

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On August 26th 2020, members of the southern based business met virtually on the subject Engaging The South in the New Normal, to share best practices for survival during this era, and to identify appropriate actions to be taken to address concerns. 

Some of the concerns highlighted included clarification on Import duty and tariffs available to local businesses; Limited supplies, the market’s reluctance to spend and the overall increased prices of goods.

The meeting acknowledged the priority areas of concern and relevant agencies to be engaged as the modified agenda for the South is developed.

The Chamber will meet with members by mid-October 2020 to provide members with an update on the way forward. 

No business should feel alone is such a crucial time. The Chamber of Commerce emphasizes that in the “New Normal” the Southern Business Community is even more important, and reiterates its commitment to members, especially during this era.  


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