Thursday, September 29, 2022

‘Enough Of The Untruths’ – Lewis Calls Out Chastanet Over Government Revenue Claims

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has come under fire from Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s Press Secretary Maundy Lewis over claims regarding government revenue.

On Tuesday, Chastanet took to Facebook to address the latest fuel hikes and renew calls for cost of living relief.

He asserted that with the easing of COVID-19 protocols locally and in many of Saint Lucia’s key source markets, the Government’s revenue is now close to $100 million a month.

According to the former Prime Minister, it’s $40 million more than his administration had one year ago.

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“Government’s revenue has increased whilst the purchasing power of citizens is decreasing on a daily basis. Doesn’t this call for some intervention on the part of the Government?” Chastanet said.

However, the PM’s Press Secretary responded in a Facebook post dubbed ‘Mathematical Incompetency Or Moral Bankruptcy By The Leader Of The Opposition?’

Maundy Lewis stated that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration is not collecting $100 million in revenue monthly.

“But since the Leader of the Opposition is claiming such, is he, therefore, admitting to the stellar managerial competencies by Prime Minister, Hon. Philip J. Pierre?” Lewis wrote.

In addition, she noted that a simple call to the Ministry of Finance, still staffed as Chastanet left it, would reveal the ‘simple computations’ for monthly revenue on petroleum.

According to Lewis, the Mathematics would show that there is a revenue shortfall of $3.0 million compared to the $3.9 million projected from the budgeted tax rate of $3.50/gallon.

“Therefore, the government is only collecting $900,000 per month,” the Press Secretary explained.

She declared that the truth remains a stranger to Chastanet.

“We have had enough of the untruths,” Lewis stated.

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  1. The girl appparantly has a very poor understanding of finance. Did anyone of her riders read the stuff before she published it? Or did someone crazy person just handed this to her to post.

  2. I don’t want to read anything from or about Chas again. I am planning to take a vacation on one of the 23 islands Chas built in VF. I want Wade Williams, the missing front teeth man, to tell me one thing Chas has said and it is true.

  3. @ Dark Money and Dirty Politics it is not anyone’s fault your BAM cannot get you a high paying job or a prestigious position.

    • @Lucian I refuse to lie on my back and allow dirty old men to ride me and pass me around like a spliff. Unlike people like you who support such I prefer to earn my qualification and get a job the decent, professional way. I don’t use my poo cie for such

  4. This woman is highly unintelligent and incompetent. But she happens to be a member of the inner circle of dirty old men and swef women. If anything this cabal teaches us is that the only way to get a high paying job or a prestigious position is not by hard work and integrity but by laying on your back or bum bum chickilick vibes.

  5. The labour party only hire hacks who know nothing and can do nothing. Without a doubt, labour is the party that convinces you never to vote for red clowns! they are great pretenders on the outside. but in government they useless vindictive pieces of sheet crap! they can never get the job done! I have seen those fools in action up close, its all smokes and mirrors. if you people worked with this mess they call labour, you would not vote for them! cause the criminal cabal are terrible!!

  6. I am no fun of this overly filtered, over exaggerated political mattress that is Ms. Lewis, however Allen Chastasnet has an ole habit of talking right from his anecdotal arse before confirming facts. He should really start running things first by his father Micheal before he continues vomitting shate. If this man was 1/4 of the visionaire he father is, he would have still been PM.

    • Technically he might not be wrong you know. Cruise Ships are back, Hotel occupancy has risen, more restrictions have been recalled and so on which means the government would be making more monies than his administration was making back then. The only thing that has changed is the cost of fuel which recently happened and causes an impact on the economy but not as much as tourism.

    • SMH our problem in St Lucia is that we always crucify the messanger before taking time to listen to the message, especially when it is Chas. I don’t know if the actual figures he gave are correct but only someone like that donkey Lucian Freud Nograde will not understand because his brain is made of the same material that he excretes. Based on what we have seen in recent weeks, no opposition leader should tell St Lucians that we are getting almost double what we were getting in revenue a year ago.

  7. Is this what Maundy was hired to do? Is this the role of a press secretary– to chastise or try to reprimand anything negative that is said by Allen Chastanet or UWP about PJP and SLP? If that is the case so far this woman is not doing a good job and just earning a huge salary at the tax payers expense. She is unqualified and is not intelligent. She has not present herself intelligently at all since taking up this role. Always reading directly word for word from a prepared printed script written by a camp member just like PJP. What jokers we have in government.

    • I agree….but since when does experience and qualification really matter to the SLP. In the boys and girls club anything goes. There are those who, no matter how experienced and qualified they are for the job, if they are not part of the clique they will never be considered. But jabals and sneaky links need not present any recent work experience but get top level positions. Secondly this woman lacks any moral standing to criticize anyone of dishonorable behaviour. I’m so tired of seeing her grinning unintelligent and declassè face in the news.

  8. All Chass is doing is dishing back what was done to them for the last 5 years. And I expect him to represent the people and if he doesn’t for the next five years then what’s the purpose of an opposition.

  9. All Chass is saying is that compared to the last two years the government is collecting more revenue from taxes, so they should have more room to help the people of Saint Lucia now. And if Maundy is saying thats not true then shes not too bright. More people are working now and way more tourist arrivals since coming out of the lockdowns so more tax revenue to collect.

    • It’s simple as that. Anyone who has a brain and is thinking right can see exactly what Chas is saying and it has nothing to do with Politics. This young lady is too immature, unintelligent, political and just plain infantile in her thinking to realize that she’s doing herself and her party more harm by insulting, belittling and making fun of people while trying to defend in the pappishow that’s going on. It’s like telling educated and rational thinking people that what they are thinking of isn’t true this is the narrative to believe in. YOUNG LADY WE KNOW HE TRUTH.

  10. Ha Ha Ha, the press secretary seems to lack understanding mixing up Total Revenue and Fuel Costs.

    • She thinks the whole country thinks like a dumb mindless SLP HACKASS. In other words whatever the SLP says is true is in fact true and there’s no need to research.

  11. That girl is rediculus. $900,000.00 a month? Is she mad. She must be drinking her carnival rum already. The former PM said “the Government’s revenue is now close to $100 million a month, $40 million more than we had at our disposal 1 year ago.” The 100 million dollars stated by the former PM is total revenue collected. I do not know what the $900,000.00 is about. May be she miss read. Customs alone collects over 1 million dollars a day. That’s a fact.

    • …….take your head out of your ass; why don’t you read, comprehend, and understand what the woman said ??? You can Pick up your phone and call the Ministry Of Finance THAT IS STILL STAFFED WITH YELLOW CLOWNS FROM THE RAINE OF TERROR TO GET THE CORRECT MONTHLY REVENUE PROJECTORY.

    • Both of the two political parties have failed the people and have left a legacy of poverty, low paying jobs, inadequate health care, crime, poor infrastructure they both should be driven to the gates of hell

    • What they say is true, empty vessels do make the most noise, you want to give your mouth so much air that you had to make so many comments under different related user names just to get attention, what are you a child?

      i am preety sure that was a typographical error and yes i spelt it that way again this time on purpose to annoy your petty correction spelling behind cause people like you that want to get underneath others skin so bad that when you find nothing of genuine sense to argue about you be like “oh let me see if they spell anything wrong so i can make them less of a person cause I am so perfect in spelling my words”(gorgor voice)

      maybe you should be a school teacher. and enough of your slavery talk its really getting ancient, go find something redesigned to say and while you at it do Bob Marley a favor and emancipate your self from Mental slavery cause it seems it still beating you that you cant get those sayings out of your mental capacity

  12. @ g.w. at least the panty underneath clothes! If it was indeed an error –the second error would have been not proof reading.

  13. There will come a time when the country will not be able to pay its debts, or its workers or buy food. And then there will be no place for y’all to hide.

  14. No Ms Lewis. Enough of you not doing a good job!

    A government press secretary that only has something to say when Allen Chastanet speaks. She is clearly unaware that she serves the people of Saint Lucia and no longer the SLPs campaign. She provides us with nothing of substance but simply seeks relevance whenever the Leader of the Opposition does his job and speaks up for the people. Ms Lewis, please review your job description and get to work. Thank you.

  15. i am preety sure he wanted to say 1 million dollars and not 100 million, everyone makes errors especially when you typing, you there like you never put your panty wrong side before chewps.

    • I think Miss Lewis was drunk when she read the former PM’s release. The $100 million monthly is total revenue. I don’t know what the $900,000.00 monthly is about. Maybe revenue from the fuel. The $100 million million stated is total revenue.

      • She was too quick to reply and never understood the assignment. Oh Allen dropped something let me reply hey hey hey with all the excitement of jumping drunk in a carnival band instead of being intelligent enough to do her research and respond informatively. All this young lady is good for is roro and making fun. MUANDY LEWIS sip on your wine and wait to whine your waist in your carnival band and leave government business to the PROS OK.

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