Monday, February 17, 2020

Entrepreneur Upbeat About Gay Club In Barbados

Barbados entrepreneur, Charles ‘Charlie Spice’ Lewis has reported an overwhelmingly positive response to a club for members of the LGBT community that has been advertised on social media.

Lewis asserted that the response is reflective of a paradigm shift in how Barbadians are seeing that segment of society, according to Barbados Today.

The newspaper quoted the entrepreneur as saying that  that ever since he started advertising his new club, G Lounge Barbados, on social media over the last 48 hours, word has spread quickly, and has been mostly very positive.

“We have had 75 applications for membership and another 60 inquiries (about membership). I have also spoken to visitors from the LGBT community who are over the moon about it and are even willing to extend their vacations here so they can patronize it when it opens later this month. I have also had a positive response from some prominent Barbadians who say they have been longing for a place like this,” Lewis told Barbados Today.

While acknowledging there were other clubs with the G Lounge name in New York and Philadelphia among other places, Lewis said the name of his establishment was distinct enough from his counterparts’ not to create any problems, and indeed he had reached out to them regarding cross-promotion opportunities.

The businessman said he had encountered no legal difficulties with establishing the club, since it was located on a property he already owned.

But he cautioned club members, especially the visitors, about public displays of affection owing to the nature of Barbadian society for the most part.


  1. I’m praying that the Lord GOD Almighty will confront and confound club members and block the proposed club at every turn.

    Would be better for this group to acquire and use a boat anchored off shore to engage in their wicked behavior. Remember what GOD did to Sodom and Gomorrah. Be warned.

  2. The sea belongs to God, so even in an anchored boat it’s still on God’s earth.

  3. Lets put aside all the religious nonsence.Being a homo or a lesbian,is a medical thing that can not be treated in most of the cases.We have been consuming steroids for decades now,and in the sixties it was worse.All the meat we have eaten,full of hormones of the feminine tipe.All our men with big breasts,and those with a nice smooth skin,and their tone of voice and their hand movements.Are we still thinking that we can round them up and send them to an island and segregate them.I blame the church,for not getting real.Animals come in all kinds,we have lesbian cows,that never get pregnant,we have animals born with the two sexes,this is a hormonal problem,for humans and animals,its not a trend or abomination dont be ignorant to afirm such things.Lets accept it,if they have their club,to have fun,great,they are all around us.

  4. A man can look at a man and think…boy..this guy really looks good,from there on make the film.Aquilles was the first documented gay Troyan hero,in history.He liked the ladies and the men.Boy I bet I got you all reading history now,ja,ja ? and this was way back,long way back.

  5. Of all the things that Barbados needs it certainly isn’t a club full of BULLING men.The person establishing this is just looking for a financial opportunity. As a Bajan the thought of grown men sobbing of each other and JUKKING each other is repulsive, now to solidify it with a club is to much. People say this is nature I say it’s an acquired taste. A sick one at that. I hope Bajans fight this. ADAM AND EVE NOT ADAM AND STEVE. Bless BIM.

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