PRESS RELEASE:-Internationally acclaimed St. Lucia photographer Kirk Elliott has donated the 1st prize in a recent schools’ essay competition organized by the Piton Management Area (PMA) Office.

The theme of the competition was “Why I Must POP – Protect Our Pitons”. Elliott’s prize was won by Shania Hippolyte of Les Etangs Primary School, Soufriere. Manager of the PMA office, Augustine Dominique said it is important as Saint Lucians that we never take the Pitons for granted. “It is important that we take active measures to protect this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Towards this end we must first recognize and appreciate the Pitons’ intrinsic value, and what better way to engender this recognition than through the children” commented Dominique.

The competition was open to schools from Canaries to Vieux Fort. Elliott recalls stopping in at the PMA office and being asked if he could be counted upon to donate a prize.

“I immediately agreed and decided that my prize would be a combination of new as well as old technology” Elliott explained. “The PMA manager had requested electronic tablets and I decided to augment this prize with National Geographic literature” Elliott continued. This included a beautiful hard covered National Geographic book of 5000 Awesome Facts, a National Geographic Quiz book and an electronic collection of every issue of National Geographic’s monthly magazine for the last 125 years!

Elliott is a firm believer in using what he refers to as “fun education” to inspire the youth and his passion for promoting excellence made it easy for him to wholeheartedly embrace the idea of donating to their enrichment through these gifts of enjoyable education. “While today we are confronted with many problems in Saint Lucia, tremendous opportunity abounds all around us for those who are creative, and what better way to spark creativity than through learning.” noted Elliott.

Elliott believes that it is not sufficient to complain about the ills of society, when by lending a helping hand we can contribute to improving things for us all. “So many people have helped me along my journey of life that I owe a debt of giving back, especially to the youth, as I recall how wonderful it was to receive when I just started out” Elliott stated.

Elliott wishes to congratulate all of the students who participated in this essay competition, including overall first prize winner, Ms Makena Denis of the Beane Field Secondary School in Vieux Fort.

To all the other participants Elliott has opined: “You are all winners just for taking part as you now have a greater appreciation of not just the beauty, but also the value of the Pitons and why it is imperative that we POP – Protect Our Pitons.”