Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has announced that as of next month, the Castries Constituency Council (CCC), will be adopting a zero tolerance approach to littering.

“The same way that we are hauling people before the court for urinating and other things, we are going to take them before the courts for littering,” Francis declared.

“We have these business places who give these – I don’t know if I should call them unfortunate, but people give these persons a dollar to go and dispose of their garbage anywhere,” he observed.

Francis explained that both the person disposing of the garbage improperly and the ones who commissioned them will be dealt with.

He said the situation has worsened since the garbage disposal facility on Jeremie Street was closed.

“Even the little bins that we put around the place, not for that, people are now putting bulk waste all around these things,” the Mayor lamented.

“It’s not as bad as if on every little corner you are seeing waste. But it is not good,” he asserted.






  1. So ironic. While you announcing this you have your workers dumping all of the garbage in castries in a place where people live in the CDC. Dogs and jombies spread it all over and it stinks up the place. It is now a health issue. I hope someone hauls you before the courts for doing that.

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