Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has asserted that keeping the City clean depends on improving security in the capital.

By way of example he noted that areas cannot remain clean because of the actions of citizens.

Francis described some persons who frequent the capital as being partners in the crime of keeping Castries in an unclean state where crimes are frequently perpetrated.

“What I mean is that they will stand up in a group and see and an old man or woman being robbed and they just look at it, just to be able to report what happened and nobody will lift a finger,” the Mayor told the Times.

He said as a result the criminals are becoming bolder.

“They move in a crowd and rob you,” Francis disclosed, adding that persons in the crowd would merely move aside to allow the criminals room to commit their crimes.

He explained that his plans for to beautify and uplift the City will only bear fruit when adequate security is in place.

The new Mayor has announced plans to upgrade the strength of the City Constabulary from a current thirteen, to fifty.

Francis suggested that retired police officers could be used.

He told the Times that the Constables can  be used as litter wardens.

According to the Mayor, it makes no sense implementing beautification plans now when they can be undone by vandals as a result of inadequate security.