The Saint Lucia Meteorological Services has said that  it is closely monitoring an approaching system.

But the department has asserted that there is no cause for alarm.

Director, Vanantius Descartes, disclosed shortly before noon Thursday that the system was about 40 degrees West or roughly about 1000 miles away.

He explained that there was a slight chance of the system developing into a tropical depression over the next 48 hours.

Descartes told St Lucia Times that after the 48 hours, conditions will become unfavourable for development and it will deteriorate into an ‘open trough’.

There is a 70 percent chance of the system developing into a depression in the next 48 hours, but after it develops, the models are saying that  it will again degenerate into an open trough.”

The Met Office official explained that the system is still some five days away.

However, he observed that once a system will affect Saint Lucia, his department would issue a statement.

“You have to prepare yourself for severe weather in the hurricane season, but for this particular system right now, there is no reason to panic.  Just remain calm. We are monitoring the situation. I don’t see it causing any major problems for us right now.”




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