Press Release:–  The Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School is taking a firm stand against improper garbage disposal.  It was of much delight to see students participating in an ‘In-house Clean- up Campaign’ on June 7th, 2018 organized by the Environmental Club.

The administration and staff applaud the students for taking responsibility for the appearance of their surroundings which will ultimately improve the comfort of the teaching and learning environment. Hopefully, students will also recognize the need for keeping their respective communities clean.

Ms. Stephanie St. Rose, acting principal of the learning institution, is very pleased with the efforts of staff and students and expressed that safety and cleanliness should be taken seriously at all times.

In light of the pest and rodent infestation in our city, a special appeal is made to the wider community to join efforts in maintaining a litter-free and healthy environment. This is our home. The onus lies with us to preserve its aesthetic beauty.