The Department of Fisheries has expressed grave concern about the discovery of two dead turtles this week on Vigie beach.

The turtles are believed to have been mauled by stray dogs, the department’s Communications and Information Officer, Yvonne Edwin, told St Lucia Times.

“On Monday we got a turtle that was left for dead on Vigie beach and this morning, another report,” Edwin disclosed.

She said all the evidence indicates that the adult Hawksbill turtles  that had visited the beach to nest, were attacked by stray dogs which frequent the beach area.

Stray dogs on Vigie beach – St Lucia Times file photo

The Fisheries Department official explained that the stray dog problem is exacerbated by the fact that the animals are being fed under what the department understands to be a ‘Bruno project.’

She said she did not know about the project or its origin.

“Apparently feeders have been installed at Vigie beach and from our information at Pigeon Island as well and this is causing a tremendous problem,” Edwin told St Lucia Times.

“It is an open access beach, it is a nesting beach – you have a lot of turtles frequenting the beach at this time and to have stray dogs being fed through some project that obviously, based on the reports we are receiving from the NCA and other persons with oversight over any beach in Saint Lucia, there was no request to install those feeders,” she asserted.

(‘Feeder’ installed at Vigie beach)

Edwin explained that the persons who installed the feeders should make contact with the appropriate agencies.

“It is obvious that the feeders have to be removed. Stray dogs are something we dealt with last year,” she recalled, adding that the Castries Constituency Council (CCC), the National Conservation Authority (NCA) and the Fisheries Department employed a dog catcher to address the problem.

Edwin declared that Saint Lucians should be concerned about turtles because they are endangered.

“Our tourists would come to Saint Lucia to see the turtles as they snorkel and dive. We know a lot of our traditional fishers depend on them for a livelihood as well and regionally, globally, turtles are protected,” she stated.

“Every animal within the ecosystem is important and as a department we protect and conserve our marine resources,” Edwin told St Lucia Times.



    • Hush up. Stupid. I say poison these stray dogs that are carrying all sorts of diseases an knocking down gabbage bins. These people should invest their money in donating food to the home of the elderly or childrens home instead of encouraging these stray dogs. I bet is some white people that start that nonesense.

  2. We should ask the people who put the feeders to collect all the stray dogs and take them home as a present

  3. These people feeding the stray dogs should be charged for aiding and abetting the killing of these turtles

  4. If the St. Lucian people would take care of their animals and not dump them on beaches this wouldn’t be an issue. The Bruno Project is an amazing group who cares for these dogs when others don’t or won’t.

  5. Seriously?! You people did not take care of your pets in first place! You let them reproduce like rats and then chase the puppies off to the beach and now try to blame the Bruno Project for the mess you created. They are feeding them for humanity reasons, and if they would not feed those stray dogs, many more turtles would have been eaten. Which now might happen, because you want them to take those feeders down. The tourists will not be amused to see a bunch of dead turtles rotting and smelling at the beach!
    Good job dog haters, it is the tourism that brings most of the money into this country…
    Smarten up and create rules that protect the pets in this country and punishes the people who are cruel to the animals (btw there is more than just tge stray dogs at the beaches)!

  6. It should be mentioned that the Bruno Project has had all the female dogs at Vigie beach neutered to stop the population of strays there from increasing. They are making an effort to solve the problem of the strays. The are not contributing to the problem. They are trying to fix a problem that no one else will take on.

    • The Bruno Project was able to find homes in Canada for dogs from Saint Lucia. Perhaps the expatriates involved in this Project should “repatriate” all the strays at Vigie Beach to Canada.

  7. Anyone who says the turtles are more important then the dogs. Has no clue. Bruno project is amazing group who are doing a good thing. Anyone who says poisen the dog feeders or dogs is a complete degenerate goof .

  8. is the supposed evidence from the Department of Fisheries “The turtles are believed to have been mauled by stray dogs” good enough to be sure, and prove that dogs did this, or is it just heresay?
    One thing we all know for sure… stray dogs are not endangered.

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