A tropical wave has been forecast to bring cloudiness and rain to Saint Lucia Thursday, with the heaviest rainfall expected during the midday to afternoon and in the evening, the Meteorological Office has said.

“We expect moderate to heavy showers with some thunderstorms,” Director of the Meteorological Services, Venantius Descartes, told St Lucia Times Wednesday evening.

He explained that tropical waves commonly traverse the Islands during the hurricane season.

“On average we have them about one every four days – sometimes they are kind of dry, they don’t carry a lot of weather,” Descartes observed.

He stated that the tropical wave was moving very slowly.

“We expect moderate to heavy showers with some thunderstorms,” the Met Official told St Lucia Times.

He recalled that Saint Lucia experienced a tropical wave earlier in the week that brought some thunderstorms and moderate to heavy showers.

But he said he did not expect that the current tropical wave would result in more severe weather than what was experienced earlier in the week.


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