Ernest Hilaire Accuses PM Of ‘Classless’ Conduct

Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire has accused Prime Minister Allen Chastanet of classless conduct unbecoming to a leader.

Hlaire levelled the accusation in a post on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

The post is reproduced below:

After being referred to a post by Albert Fregis and seeing a clip of the presentation of the Office of the Prime Minister, I could not help but continue to muse.

I heard from Minister Belrose and read from Albert’s post, that constituencies participated in the National Parade. From the start, I love the idea of a National Parade but I detest the manner in which this UWP Government is implementing the idea. I find it a gross manifestation of division, discord, and disunity and it accentuates the differences between us. Allow me to explain.

I heard the Minister state that constituencies were taking part and Government gave support for them to participate. Yet, as the duly elected Parliamentary Representative for Castries South. I was NEVER approached to mobilise my constituency to participate. So if Castries South participated, then who had the lead and who got the monies to do so. If not, why was Castries South left out? For the record, I don’t believe that constituencies should participate under any political banner. It should be towns, villages and communities. We should be about bringing communities and people together and not promoting a political party.

So can someone explain to me why would the Micoud constituencies be presented with pictures of past representatives but Marius Wilson, former Representative for Micoud North and former Leader of the Opposition, and Cass Elias, former Representative for Micoud South, left out. Is that a reflection of ‘We all In’ and ‘Let us do this Together’?

Most disgusting for me was the presentation of the Office of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister and office staff were announced with the celebrated song of “Vent”by Teddyson John, with the Prime Minister making the accompanying hand gestures to show that he is just letting people talk. This to me was classless and unbecoming of a leader who wants the citizenry to have faith in his efforts to unify and build a common destiny.

The song has a line that says, ‘they bad mind and envy’. Is public expression of disagreement with Government policies a statement of bad mind and envy? Is the opposition effort to hold the Government to account an act of bad mind and envy? And to include public servants in that shameless display of derision, is totally unacceptable.

So I ask how are ‘We in’ and how is this is national effort to ‘Let us do this TOGETHER’ ?


  1. Lol Ernest u just mad bro. I’m only here for the comments and the crap that these ministers talk. You all need to grow up and start working together for the people of st lucia and not y’all pockets.

  2. Hiliare answer. Who came up with idea of assigning development officers to constituencies instead of regions? Tunnel vision bunch, all you didn’t see how that would disadvantage all you as opposition? Ohhhhh! You didn’t think you’d be in opposition?

    How come you eh know if your constituency participated? When and how did you find out about the parade? You too high and mighty to reach out to the ministry to see how your constituency can participate? Your egos bigger than your heads. The problem with the opposition is that all you behave like you’ll still in office. Collective narcissistic lot! Grow up already…chewps tun

  3. I don’t know why you expect better from Chastanet…….a leopard never changes its spots. True to form, the prime minister continues to sow seeds of divisiveness even in events which are supposed to bring our people together, I believe that’s it’s the nature of the beast called Allen and his divide and rule tactic, let us endeavor to be truly “ALL IN” and let togetherness be our mantra for the next general election. Speaking of Albert Fregis what is the latest with SLP Dennery South?
    I have heard that the SLP equivalent of Estephan is throwing his hat in the ring for Dennery South…please no no no.

    • Dennery south will continue to be the constituency that is behind because of one man he believe that his money can buy favours and the persons he chooses is always the ones the party chooses.There are to many bright educated people in Dennery south an they want to go with that stupid starbuck fellow who can’t talk and is just like Este lol

  4. uhuhn… grow up chewps tun! Hilaire wants that OPM bad bad bad bad. Keep on talking, pole pale pale.

    You bad mind and envy for real.That cap fit you too well. How about God doh put you to watch me. He doh like ugly. You too petty.

  5. Hilaire are you a mad fella. Since when does Parliamentarian are the ones mobilising they constituency at such events? I though or I should say that I know this is the responsibility of the Constituency Council. I have never heard of Parliamentarian being given anything for such events. Didn’t you get an invitation? were you present? Did you have a Nation Flag on your vehicle?

  6. “The song has a line that says, ‘they bad mind and envy’. Is public expression of disagreement with Government policies a statement of bad mind and envy? Is the opposition effort to hold the Government to account an act of bad mind and envy? And to include public servants in that shameless display of derision, is totally unacceptable.”

    Why have you interpreted the guy’s lyrics as being political. Doesn’t people with bad mind and envy causes people to malpalay? That statement from Hilaire is so myopic. ill informed

  7. Hilaire don’t worry about the Slaves who are defending the white Master, they are the ones Chastanet referred to as jackasses and they are in the category of the 43 % of idiots.
    How can st Lucians support a white slave master over a black Lucian born. St Lucians educate yourself.

    • Somewhere in St. Lucia, this one is kissing Hilaire’s a** and wiping his s***. Hence the name “Lang Caca”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Says the guy who HAS NO CLASS. this guy is a waste of space. the nation should not be suffering because of Hilarious ambitions. it is shocking to no one that this guy has and will stoop to any level to become PM. his many lies and dirty tricks are well known among his peers. whenever he says something put your hands on your ears and roll eyes because the red trickster is in town.

  9. Why are Looshans bringing up master and slave mentality? Blame the Europeans who created a fake white God in the catholic church who never existed and spread the propaganda all over the world through conquest.Now you have the so call Negro mostly catholic in St.Lucia calling our PM master what a shame,by the way Chastanet is not white find out who his mother was?Hon Chastanet is the most effective PM St.Lucia will ever have.

    • The sad irony is this post you are worshipping your white master PM Chastanet. So Chastanet is more effective than John Compton and Kenny Anthony? What has this PM done to be more effective than our longest serving prime ministers

      • Nothing wrong in bringing it up its a taboo for St Lucians we are still a massa society. When King became PM they gave him hell just because but no limited to the fact he was black ; blacker than Compton AND IT WAS MOSTLY BY HIS OWN PARTY.

  10. Hilaire, **** with the nonsense you keep saying! Pip…watch your bread my G, Ernest ready to roll on it if you turn your back for one second. Mate just sounds bitter and angry every time he open his mouth to spew garbage.

  11. Hilarious is so desperate I really hope UWP spend double the money to make sure he lose his seat .we tired of hearing his bookie English

  12. Hilaire is so bitter everything the pm do makes him mad .why is this man so angree.
    The pm is not a calypsonian he did write the palay palay song it’s Tennyson john song so why blame the pm. Smh this guy has lots of issues his is certainly not a peace maker damn that man

    • He Lie do so much already to innocent people as well as foe, he can’t be more damned than that my dear. some of us think we don’t pay for our sins. fact is we all do. so try to do good and good will follow you. but some people are not like that at all.

  13. Why some lucians are so bitter.Well well well.Hungry power people they are ones that loves St Lucia give me a break

  14. Vision Hilaire I promise you come next election I am gonna pray so had and see that you lose your sit and your deposit. Because you are too arrogant I just feel sorry for Pierre and he Pierre better watch his back that arrogant man is dangerous

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