Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ernest Hilaire Appointed As Deputy Prime Minister

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Press Release:– Acting on the advice of the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Hon. Philip J. Pierre, the Acting Governor General, H.E. Cyril E.M. Charles has appointed Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire as the Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

Hon. Dr. Hilaire served as Saint Lucia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and as Saint Lucia’s Ambassador to France.

He was also accredited to numerous international organisations headquartered in Europe from 2011-2016.

Hon. Dr. Hilaire contested the General Elections of June 6th, 2016 in which the Saint Lucia Labour Party formed the Opposition and was elected as the Member of Parliament for Castries South.

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He was subsequently re-elected on July 26th, 2021, and is currently the Minister with responsibility for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information.

Hon. Dr. Hilaire welcomes his elevation to the position and pledges to discharge his duties to the best of his ability.

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  2. “Do not steal.
    “Do not lie .
    “Do not deceive one another.
    “Do not sweat falsely by my name and
    so profane the name of your God. I am the
    “Do not defraude your neigbor.
    House dispute between parties 🤔😕😀some on one side, others on the other side.
    The same law applies to both !
    But if it is crooked it will be broken and what is crooked will always remains a crook.
    Guilty of wrong doing or unfaithful by deceiving the nation,entrusted to the concern or left in his care,must return what was not stolen preferable or taken by extortion, what even it was swore falsely about. Rebuke him so you will not participate in his guilt.

  3. Corruption at its highest.
    But who is surprised? This government is plagued with corrupt people and when at the head you have one that’s not only deceitful but stupid to the max, what should we expect?
    However, St Lucia will be rescued, have no fear.

  4. SLP knew they couldn’t win with that dishonest man at the helm they put Pip but now want to force this man on us. As a strong supporter I can promise you this will be their downfall. I’m already regretting voting for this party.

  5. SLT that red snout peppa pig called Hilarious you busy refusing comments on will be your undoing. His days in that SLP are numbered. The party will be remade without Hilarious and his ilk. this is the only way to save it. All those pretending to be big man in town acting as if the coffers of st lucia are theirs for the taking will be gone. It is done.

  6. SLT stop choosing what comments of mine you should publish. I don’t use profanity or disrespect anyone in my comments. I state facts that I can backup. So please post my comment.

  7. Youth & John stop playing the colour game cause in your right mind both of you know that spells disaster for our beloved country. Maybe you are unaware that every where Helaire has worked, there have been corruption involving millions of disappearing dollars. Up to this day we do not know how much money was on the High Commission account where he and Jufalie were the signatories. Jufalie had given him millions according to him to open a diabetic or cancer center in St Lucia. Where is that center? Where is that money? Where is the WICB money for grassroots cricket Holding mentioned? So I urge both of you and others like you don’t cry for flambeau supporters instead cry for our country cause when Helaire is done with us every month will be Sectember and we won’t be able to see our moddas.

  8. It seems what the arsewhole leader and his dunce followers not aware of,is the region and the widerworld is paying close attention.

  9. Oh boy pip now I hope you read about the last supper lol. Earnest for sure looks like a Judas and Alva a Peter . Such a dumb move and looks like business as usual . More things changes it remains the same smh!!

  10. No matter what side of the coin we are supporting if by God we don’t have a problem with this appointment
    Then we the people are more lost than we think.
    Then when crimes happen we all look towards these corrupte men.The slogan was better days are coming.well here it I am just sitting back and what he’ll brake loose .

  11. Saint Lucia is getting what it deserves. SLP supporters are still playing politics on here. Is this the type of leader you want to control you? Enjoy it SLP I hope this government gives you all what you desire and you keep struggling for the rest of your miserable lives. I can get up and leave St Lucia any day so will not be alllow these low life politicians to control me.

  12. I have concluded that to be a successful politician in Saint Lucia you must be CORRUPT! What a shame. Anyway, we the people are to be blamed for seeing only party colours when casting our votes. But am I surprised by that decision? NO!!!!!!! For the writing has been on the wall for some time now. Alva!!!!!!! Why are you so quiet.. speak up!!!!

  13. I thought the Constitution did not allow for such a position. How that was not done when Cabinet was appointed. All of a sudden. I know when the PM is out he appoints an Acting Prime Minister but now a permanent Deputy. And…..does it come with a raise Mwen? Mwen mem. If I have it wrong please enlighten me.

  14. Dr Hilaire congratulations, but as I drive the Marigot Road i continue to hear people complaining about the road, now you are DPM can you start fixing the road for the people as of Monday. Pams shop is bitter with you.

  15. What chastnent and the flambeaus in here never wanted to see look it happen right .. Also juke bois and ring the bell and guy joseph look it happen . you all hyprocrites . . small minded ppl in here making useless comments

  16. Shame on St.Lucia’s current prime-Minister and Kenny.D.Anthony for being such suckers.Their decision to bypass Honourable Alva.R.Baptiste in favour of this SON OF A BITCH who was ashamed of the party during the 1997 campaign,is APPALLING.Their ultra-unfair decision was motivated by JEALOUSY.It is a known fact that these two suckers are very jealous of my dear leader/district-representative because of his god-given gift(his brilliance/natural oratory skills).

  17. Why are you surprised? I saw it coming a mile away. The man has a Phd and qualifies as Doctor. The majority of Lucians are mesmerized by that title; mind you it takes a lot of essay reading and writing, and knowing this man by his history; the rest is history. He is only one step closer, wait till the next convention. Come to think of it, its probably better him than the Architect of the ‘unholy trinity’ no matter what, this was pay back for getting in, right up to the cabinet, and PjP drank the cool aid and agreed with the promise he would be P.M., so it worked so far, yes so far; may I ask my fellow St. Lucians to cool it, don’t rock the boat. Vodoo had its day, but God has the last laugh. Keep your eyes focused on the real enemy at hand, it is invisible, ‘germ warfare’ no military can defeat, you better stop worrying about politics, make haste to train Nurses and all other medical workers, St. Lucia will need about a hundred more Medical Doctors. Germ warfare/the war to end all wars, no victors, the only victor is the one that you have been ignoring because you care not to know ‘HIM’. I pray daily for my relatives in St. Lucia. The Almighty will reveal the savior of his people at a time appointed that no one knows, but if you seek him now, you will find ‘HIM’.

  18. You have to be in the clan to be something. Putting your people first. Dr. Lewis will be repay soon for giving up his seat

  19. I realize lucian’s decide wat corruption is along party lines when corruption is pointed out first u will hear was this 1 did that that 1 did that so I take corruption is good depends on the party in power. Wat a bunch of idiots. When they say st Lucia is not a country they ain’t lie. Only in Lucia that shit happens.

  20. Flambeau Ara ra that country will never go forward with that bias behavior..the red and yellow blind folded you all because people give their opinions some of you all quickly to say Flambeau bitter..check the pjp administration in six months especially handling the covid19 shameful administration st lesi feni

  21. Well Well Well where is st lucia is going with these kind of corrupt people in head of the affairs of the country..and st lucians accept that kind of behavior…A man on international stage with all sorts of scandals..pip shame on you by the way where is my rep Alva..Tim will surely tell

  22. @ The Crow borrowing from a popular saying – “bat chew”. Remember you vote alone cannot make a party win, so bonda mamaou. Continuer to put you tongue in Hilaire’s @rR$e and get comfort.

  23. @Not a hypocrite. Borrowing from your colleague of the UWP, “Take that and put it in your bed like DAT!”

  24. There was a time I was proud to be a supporter of the great party of George Charles. Now I understand that this party has become a party of dishonest people. And this is all that appointment shows. Why is it he was not appointed to that position six months ago when everyone was given portfolios? Clearly the party has become no better than flambeau. And of course with the likes of @$$hole$ like The Crow, Ha haha and Okay Then, it can only get worse. 2021 is definitely my last year ofr voting. There is no way I can support the likes of Hilaire.

  25. Ha ha ha ! To qualify as a great respectful politician in St.Lucia today you must be a corrupt liar !

  26. Smfh what was I thinking anyway it was my first time voting fool’s alone won’t see you guys bullshit PJP said this year is pregnant with opportunities guess the first child is helairs #my country needs help

  27. Ohh boy one step closer Mr greedy soon clueless Pierre will be out we all saw it coming already. Make sure you drive around and show everybody that tax fraud range rover congrates

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