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Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am

Ernest Hilaire Responds To Reports That He Will Be Arrested

Castries South MP,  Doctor Ernest Hilaire, has been responding to reports that he is going to be arrested, asserting that the reason is anyone’s guess.

‘There has been some talk from the usual suspects, that I am going to be arrested. What for though, is anyone’s guess,” Hilaire wrote on his official Facebook page on December 8.

“First it was to do with my vehicle which the UWP claimed is owned by the Government. More recently, it is for questioning over comments I made in Dominica which Nancy Charles contends are treasonous,” he explained.

According to the Castries South MP, worst among the usual suspects calling on him to account is the ‘notorious’ Guy Joseph who took to Rick Wayne’s programme where he said he is looking forward to ‘my explanations for my widespread corruption’.

“They say misery loves company, never before has that saying rang so true. A man who is at the centre of a United States court motion in the Assenza investigations over corruption in the award of a contract for the Hewannorra Airport Redevelopment,” Hilaire asserted.

He recalled that in a recent facebook coversation, Nancy Charles invited someone on FB to visit her, where she Nancy would present the individual with what she alleges is evidence she has against him.

“As ridiculous as this entire witch hunt is, I can’t find it funny, considering the people peddling the mischief are at the highest levels of influence in our government.
Is Nancy Charles a police officer? How come she can be in possession of so called evidence which will lead to my arrest? Is this the same evidence linked to the investigation where the police wanted to interview someone and indicated that the interview was to take place at the Prime Minister’s Official Residence? Wow!” Hilaire wrote.

“If this is not politically motivated ambush, I don’t know what is,” he stated.

He said that Nancy Charles and Guy Joseph are notorious for many things, virtue not being one of them.

“A reputation can be tenous and that is why in both my public and private life I have endeavoured to maintain honesty and my integrity. In all of the careers that I have had no one can point a finger at me for anything corrupt or criminal. I have lived a life that I am proud of. I say to Nancy Charles and Guy Joseph, don’t judge me by your standards,” Hilaire said.

“Having said that, I wish to put into perspective the comments which I made in Dominica and Nancy’s reaction. It seems it was ok for Nancy Charles to have made comments at a political event in St. Vincent where she told countless untruths about her Government’s use of of CIP funds. However, my comments on a political platform in Dominica, are construed by the very same Nancy Charles as treasonous. Really? The United Workers Party’s attempt at deflection from their corruption of every institution of sociaĺ and economic life in Saint Lucia is now in overdrive.”

Hilaire asserted that nothing he said in Dominica, was unfair or untruthful.

“As to the ‘things which took place in Dominica which were planned in Saint Lucia’ which has so offended the UWPEES, maybe Nancy should tell whether Lennox Linton ever visited Saint Lucia over the last two months? Whom did he meet with? What was discussed? That should be the starting point of any investigation,” the Castries South MP said.

“As for what is within my charge, I seek the protection of God against those who bear false witness against me and as a matter of detail remind them that it is an indictable offense punishable by five years imprisonment for anyone who makes a false report to the police which results in the arrest of any person. I am well aware of the forces at play, and I am fortified in truth and in the knowledge that this too shall pass,” he concluded.


  1. I hope you know God to pray so it will be a peaceful election. It’s good to hear politicians speak God and belief

    • Of course it will be. St. Lucians have no fight and are the descendants of the most broken slaves.

    • Earnest, I am a SLP supporter but to be frank you eh answering the questions. That’s why Jaffali issue not going away and hurting the party. In that one post you deal with so many issues and I believe it was meant to deliberately confuse people. You talk about (1) possible arrest, (2) then a number of things about Guy (3) then things Nancy say about arrest, (4) then Nancy’s speech in St.Vincent, (5) then your speech in Dominica.
      Now hear you:”maybe Nancy should tell whether Lennox Linton ever visited Saint Lucia over the last two months? Whom did he meet with? What was discussed?” What does Linton coming to St.Lucia have to do with me or you? Is it illegal for him to be here? Whose business it is who he met and what was discussed? And if a plot was made in St.Lucia and you have the evidence, why ask questions and not provide the information? That tells me that you are lying.
      And now that you are caught you trying to use God.
      I hope that SLP wins the next election but that you lose. You are bad for the SLP and the country. If you want me to trust you, give honest answers about Jufallie

      • What is the answer that you’re looking for? He’s responding to hearsay. He’s made it clear that he doesn’t know on what basis that a claim is made about an impenfing arrest.
        If an arrest is made, an official warrant with details will be issued. Then he can tell you or the media will expose it but for now what exactly can anyone tell you about something that no one has revealed.
        Perhaps, you can. Do please let the rest of us know.

        Incidentally, there was recently a lengthy press release published in this same medium explaining the Juffali affair in response to explanation sought (on good grounds, I might add) by the UWP (the party)

  2. I am certain Juffali brought $250 thousand USD to St Lucia during his first visit in 2014. There are officer at the airport who saw the cash money. Did Juffali leave St Lucia with that money?

      • Doc don’t say another word. I was laughing my ass of with you. Arrest him ! Arrest him ! Arrest him ! They bellowed. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lawd ha ha ha ha. The Otter Nerves of Teeefing Kleptomaniac Guy Eardley Joseph and Nancy Monica Lewinsky Charles and Oh Leary Tidy Man Wayne (The Black Bawy from Laborie) I listen to them (why I don’t know) but a good soldier always keep an eye and ear on The Enemies of This State. It’s a good thing most Lucians are passing over this “Rag Newspaper ” and are clinging more to social media but sometimes you can’t help it. They are trying or have tired their best to discredit you but have failed in their quest. Of all people to open their A…..s Teefing Kleptomaniac GUY JOSEPH ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha THE ABSOLUTE SHAME OF IT to even have someone of his stature in government speaks volume of this administration.

    • Well if you know so much then you should know where the money went, you clown! What about our CIP money that Teo Ah King is keeping. You know about that too?

  3. Nancy where the $500,000 went to?
    Allen where our CIP money?
    Guy – what happened to the pajoah letter?
    Why is Lockerbie getting paid millions to mow our fields?
    Why is Sean Matthews get paid monthly – hush money?

    • Please give us some concrete evidence of those lies. I believe that most of us would be interested to learn of them. .

      You have a ready and accomodating audience. Please, let’s get started.

  4. come on Dr. Hiliare stop lying to the people.on news spin the other day you were asked by Timothy Poleon “does jufalli have a diplomatic passport?” you refuse to answer the question. saying you don’t know when you were the one to issue him the passport.Not all St.lucians are not stupid Dr. Hiliare. you said that juffali was doing an exceptional Job but he never attended not one meeting in two years .tell me exactly what did he do as our ambassador since you say he was doing an exceptional job .WHAT?

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