Escapee Opens Fire On Guyana Cops

Guyana Chronicle:- Police ranks on the Essequibo Coast came under fire from wanted man, Leon Price, in the backlands of Onderneeming Sandpit area today after the escaped prisoner was spotted in the area.

The man,who had escaped from police custody on March 7, 2018, opened fire on the ranks who went into the area in search of him.

According to information reaching Guyana Chronicle, police received information that Price was hiding out in the Sandpit area. A party of policemen from the Anti-Crime Patrol went into the area around 13:00 hours and saw the wanted prisoner.

Upon seeing the ranks, Price who was reportedly armed with a pistol and a rifle, discharged several rounds in the ranks direction. The ranks returned fire but Price made good his escape. Police then searched the scene where 27.62 x 39 and 4 71/18 spent shells were recovered.No one was injured.

Price, formerly of Little Red Village Onderneeming, was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment in 2018 for Robbery Under Arms.

While he was in police custody he escaped from the Anna Regina Police Station lock ups. He had removed a block from the lockup and made his escape. In 2017, he had allegedly poisoned acres of plants in the Onderneeming area.

Price was remanded to prison on several other charges before he escaped from the police station.


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