Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Events Saint Lucia Seeks Legal Advice On ‘Smoke Grenades’ Incident

Press Release:– Events Saint Lucia in collaboration with the Calypso Management Committee, on Sunday June 23rd hosted the Preliminary round of Competition for the Groovy and Power Soca Monarch.

The event which was scheduled for 3pm at the Vigie Multi-Purpose Car Park had to be moved to an indoor facility, the National Cultural Centre, due to the inclement weather.  The time was also moved to 5pm to facilitate the move.

All artistes were informed via WhatsApp at 2:09pm.

ECSL received acknowledgement of the changed location and time from all artistes including artiste Callix Xavier better known as Kakal at 2:11pm.

A public announcement was also made via social media at 1:21pm.

During Callix Xavier’s performance, two high output smoke grenades were released.

These grenades are prohibited from being used indoors, and thus no prior approval was either requested or given by the Officer in Charge of the Fire Department.

The smoke grenades created a sense of panic and a resulting stampede from the building.  Persons also experienced respiratory discomfort.

Notwithstanding, all the judges remained within the judging vicinity with some moving to the sound booth in order to avoid the effects of the smoke grenade.

Though relocating, they still proceeded to judge his performance.

Events Saint Lucia, as well as the Cultural Development Foundation (owners of the National Cultural Centre) are both currently seeking legal advice on the way forward.


  1. I want to believe that all artists were duly informed of all regulations pertaining to smoke grenades and other things used for and during the shows. In a case like this, Kakal, being an officer of the law, should know better….smh..

  2. Events St lucia Company limited which is suppose to be the premier national events management company is very ineffective and they all need to go. First of all you are very correct Callix kakal Xavier is an officer of law and he knows better. Any mass crowd event is supposed to be approved by the Police, Fire Service, Nemo and Solid Waste Management. It is not the artist responsibility but the organizers to make sure that checks and balances are made. 1. Was a stage plan ever requested from the Artist to find out exactly what is planned to be used at the activity. 2. Were there any rules for the competition? 3. Were there any contacts signed by the artist? Come on my people it is time that we raise our standards and our bar as it pertains to the music industry in St Lucia. Stop accepting mediocrity from events St Lucia. I personally feel he did nothing wrong. Smoke grenades are legal. I saw him with a mic in his hand. This incident provides an opportunity for Events St Lucia to put their acts right.

  3. Well said concerned citizen. His presentation was slated for the open space. This was changed last minute he probably did not even realise he had to change his props

    • so the space was changed last minute from OUTDOOR to INDOOR and he did not realize that smoke grenades was not a good idea anymore? somebody had to tell him that using space smoke grenades designed for OUTSIDE should not be used inside?

  4. Do you know how much pressure an artist is under before a presentation or competition? Some of us are bias not until a situation hits home we understand. Why would an artist intentionally sabotage their performance?

  5. The event was planned for an outdoor venue so I am sure regulations for performances at THAT venue would have been communicated to artistes. With the last minute change due to weather, ECSL could not be expected to have dotted all I’s and crossed all possible T’s in the limited time. However the artistes had to use their DISCRETION and adjust their performances accordingly. Common sense was lacking here.

  6. There’s always someone to be blame as some people already don’t like the event company the arrow of blame will always point to the event company according to what’s written if smoke grenade is not allowed or was not approved by the authorities it should not be used weather in or out in a mass croud where people are present . that’s madness.

  7. In no way shape or form smoke grenades should be discharge indoors. Smoke grenades have not purposes are primarily used for signaling purposes or for a hot extraction. We used them alot in the military along with pyrotechnics and flashbangs. They should never be discharged in indoors. An investigation should be carried out by the relevant authorities to determine why this happen.

  8. OK… So s*** happened… Someone wasn’t paying attention… Smoke grenades went off…
    Let’s look at causualties:
    No. Of persons injured = 0
    No. Of persons taken to hospital = 0
    Items/Equipment damaged = 0
    Slippers that burst= probably a few

    The point is St. Lucians like to make small issues look enormous… If I was a officer in charge I wouldnt even look at that report…
    First of all there was a location change that happened in like 2-4 hours, people hustling and bustling just to make sure props are in place etc. It’s true (probably because of the amount of smoke displacement) the grenades were to be used outdoors BUT it went off anyways… Apologise to the crowd, go on with the damn show, mistakes happen every damn day…

    Focus on what matters and not these crappy news headlines

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