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Updated on July 6, 2020 3:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 3:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 3:47 am

‘Evil’ Criminals Break Into Marchand Community Centre, Vandalise Property

Persons described as ‘evil’ criminals broke into the Marchand Community Centre during the early hours of Monday morning.

Broken lock

An individual familiar with the case told St Lucia Times that the persons responsible had to be evil because of what they did.

According to information, the intruders not only broke into the building and stole a number of items, but also left their calling card in the form of spray paint on the walls.

Graffiti on wall

It was reported that much of what they could not take, they destroyed.

St Lucia Times was informed that food supplies meant for the after school programme were deliberately contaminated.

The criminals are said to have poured detergent into sugar and flour that was stored in the building, rendering the food items unfit for consumption.

Contaminated flour

They are also said to have mixed sugar and rice together.

An official who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that the latest break in was not the first at the Marchand Community Centre.

It is suspected that the crimes have been committed by a gang of individuals.

“I am appalled at the scale of the vandalism,” the official told St Lucia Times, adding “These are just evil people.”

“What they could not carry, they destroyed,” the official stated.

An assessment of exactly what was taken is still being made.

The matter is currently being investigated by the police.



  1. Always knew majority of the younger generation in Marchand wouldn’t amount to anything but useless low life scum…Vya-4 was here? Really? Smh trying to make ppl believe southern ppl came all the way to Marchand & commit a crime only broke,useless,uneducated,low life expectancy roaches would do?
    But fear not my good people,most likely they’ll be goners by either year end or next year for the most.

    • excuse me? how dare u! marchand has a number of law abiding young and positive people. who said that the crimes were committed by people from the area? you should be disgusted by your comment. i hop you have never stolen or committed crimes in your life! its cuz of comments like these st lucia cannot move forward.

      • Exactly you know it,what no wants admit and I understand it’s out of fear of retaliation,but this is all gang related,these gangs MS13,Crips,bloods,they all want the fame and glory,but they are all slime bags

  2. I concur with you.Its only unthinkable, uneducated and low life vagabonds will commit such evil act.It begs the question, What environment they were brought up in?The raft of God,shall soon hit them and you’ll hear from their families, they were good boys.But life has a way of paying back itself,they shall soon be history in the worse form one can ever think of.

  3. The persons who did this will pay for it, yawll have nothing to do with yawll time…the Devil has completely taken over yawll losers. The sugar, flour and rice were for the less fortunate and thats what yawll did…Dogs!! go get a job, stop making peoples life miserable, i hope the police will catch who ever did this and lock yawll up for life!!!!

  4. We cannot say Marchand youth are low lying scums. Look around the youth are engaged I. Foot ball , music etc. When few distroy do not generalize. We are not certain that all involved are from Castries East. This begs to get our youth holistically involved in literacy skills sporting and technical skills .Parents need help in

    raising families. Fathers please be more engaged with your male children. ” it takes a community to raise a child”.

  5. I do agree with Marchand Born and Raised. But there are a bunch of micreants in Marchand that some people know are responsible for alot of the crime in the area and they say nothing. Good luck in the Police solving this case. They have been useless so far. Might at well try catching them yourself.

  6. Sad – I suspect it would be people with a quarrel with one of the programmes and was put out and they went to revenge – no one mashes up food unless they have an issue.

  7. I guess now it’s the Prime Minister’s fault right?! SMH We care so much for color in this country that we do not realize that we are being taken over by criminals and overenthusiastic politically driven maniacs. We are the ones being affected by these crimes. It’s the innocent security guard being hurt so badly that he has to be fighting for dear life. It’s our children who participate in the afterschool programs who are unable to attend because of what was done to the place, while the ‘wicked’ and ‘demonic’ politicians contaminate our minds with their nonsense. St. Lucians, please stop focussing on color be it Red or Yellow and focus on our country. To those who insist on agitating I say work for our country, not self!

  8. They do this because a platform is provided for them the opposition leader condem and oppose everything I will bet my last dollar he will never condem tgat shut, because they are the ones who provide the platform

    • So no responsibility for the current ruling party ? You know the people who actually have the power to do something right now?

  9. This “g” word in the graffiti art could be seen all around Entrepot- I am sure the popo is aware of this. If they could find out who is the artist in the Entrepot area then that case should be solved before christmas. I rebuke these cowardly actions on food and facilities for the needy.

  10. I’m saying over and over till we can see it. The problem starts in the home most times. Parents who do not have the skills or the knowledge of how to raise children. Then the community that plays to sleep and not speak out on matters like this. Then we have a few policemen who play with the offenders. Those who shift around officers who would do what is right to cover the faults of their family members. So it’s poverty, poor parental supervision, lack of parenting skills, a complacent and fearful community, and corruption among some officers. Government should make it their duty to train some of these Parents, not to give them money.

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