Sunday, September 25, 2022

Expert Refutes Report That La Soufrière Volcano Eruptions Are Over

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Eruptions at La Soufrière Volcano in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are not over.

That’s the word from Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and Seismologist Professor Richard Robertson.

Both addressed the issue Friday during an appearance on local radio, NBC.

In doing so, Prime Minister Gonsalves referred to a news headline that he saw.

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He said it seemed to have suggested that the Seismic Research Centre said that ‘the show’ was over.

However, the Vincentian leader told local radio, NBC, that’s not the case.

And Professor Robertson agreed.

Robertson explained that the headline had missed something the Seismic Research Centre (SRC) said in an advisory.

“Essentially what we were saying is that it looks like, at this time, given the length of time that we were out of the period of explosive activity at this point,” the Seismologist explained.

But he recalled hat the advisory also said that explosive activity could pick up at some time in the future.

Robertson said the SRC never said it was over.

He told NBC radio that even if nothing happened for a week, with the exception of earthquakes, experts would not declare an end.

Robertson said Soufiere has always erupted for longer than a week.

In addition, he said the amount of energy that the volcano has suggests that there’s a lot more ‘down there to come out’.

He also pointed out that the new material that has come out of the volcano is a small amount.

Robertson estimated that it was some 20 million cubic metres.

As a result, the Seismologist recalled that past eruptions in 1979 put out in excess of 60 million cubic metres of material.

And Robertson said in 1971, the volcano expelled roughly the same amount.

“So to think that now, when we have only had a small amount of new material put out that it’s finished, I think would be totally wrong,” he declared.

“So, we have a little time yet,” Robertson stated.


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