Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Eyewitnesses describe Bois D’Orange shooting

Eyewitnesses have been describing the moment two masked gunmen opened fire on a motorcycle rider in an apparent drive-by shooting at Bois D’Orange this morning.

One man, identified only as Sampson, said he narrowly escaped the gunfire as he waited for the gas station to open to fuel his sanitation truck.

Sampson said shortly after arriving, the motorcycle pulled up next to him, when suddenly a car appeared and opened fire in the direction of the motorcycle.

A bullet pierced through the windscreen of Sampson’s truck as he sat in the driver seat.

“Garcon, I surprise so bad,” Sampson said.

The sanitation truck owner, who was seated in a separate vehicle behind the truck and asked not to be identified, said he heard the noise and then saw a blood-soaked man running in his direction asking for help.

“I saw a fella run come to me and asking me for help and he’s in blood so I told him well try and get the ambulance, not me, I can’t help,” the eyewitness said. “When I looked carefully I saw is a gunshot wound.”

“Whilst opening my door he ran in front on me, looking for help on the other side because I refused him help, so then I saw a blue car stop and then some gunshots firing,” the truck owner said.

He said both the front and back windscreens of his sanitation truck have been broken.

A motorcyclist, said to be in his late 20’s to early 30’s is reported to have sustained a gunshot wound to the arm. His condition is unknown.

Reports say two masked assailants fled the scene in a Toyota Corolla car.


  1. Its high time they start hanging people . The filthy thugs just killing people like they gave life with no consideration for passer bys. So early u wake up to go kill someone. You eh see that’s not right.

  2. My God whn, it will stop jesus’lord strengthen us and put a hand to help Helen have tear’s in her ???and cold in her ?.
    Help us Lord.

  3. God can only help ppl who obey him. It will get worst like the bible predicted. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways; only then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and heal their land.


  4. All I have to say is take them out enough is enough kill who have to be kill cripple who has to be cripple this nonsense has to stop

  5. What a great citizen of st.lucia.. someone ask for help..and you refuse… I congratulate you.. I’m so ashame to be a Lucian.. ..smg

    • You can’t say that cause if you were there you would’ve understand the situation they were shooting after the you know what would have happened to you if you had help this guy he wasn’t the one they would’ve you the cause the shooter was by the Jeep so plzzz don’t judge if you don’t know sone thing

    • I know right.. I am so disgusted by his response. .. after all 911 is a free call… there is nothing wrong in calling 911… wow… n that person call themselves business owner.. how can u sleep peacefully tonight knowing that someone asked for help in that state n all u said was call an ambulance. . Sad very sad

  6. @society. Shut up. A man just get shot in your presence….. The shooters are driving about. Helping the victim is at your on risk. Uou cannot take chances. The owner of the truck should refuse him and RUN. They all will learn to behave themselves.

  7. This guy takes the cake to admit that someone in danger asked you for help and you refused. Bravo to you for not having any compassion but just remember you might need assistance like him some day.

  8. Those criminals I am appealing to you all to stop that nonsense in st Lucia u all should be in. Prison go. And work for. Guardsmen for 4 :25 cents an hour instead of selling.drugs

  9. What about cameras from the gas station. Don’t tell me there isn’t one that pics up the road images.

  10. I guess nobody don’t know in case of emergency you dial911 on your cell phone..i guess his phone had no emergency calls…great citizen

  11. I mean I understand not wanting to get involved and fearing for your life but couldn’t you at least call the police or an ambulance for the guy? It is another human being after all.

  12. Hey, Let them kill each other for fun, and when de men kill de men all that remain is women and is then i go have me fun for the only gun i’ve got is the gun inside me ……..

  13. It’s understandable not wanting to drive but if the young man injuries were in any other part of his body he would of bled to death. If only the man called 911. The young man stayed there like forever before an ambulance arrived.the young man was on his way to work. You see how early he has to get up from his bed and jealous niggas want to kill him for what he have.smh. life is so unfair

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