‘Face’ laid to rest – relatives in fear

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Relatives of the late Stephen Francis alias ‘Face’, are living in fear of their lives following his shooting death, a family member has said.

Francis was gunned down in Wilton’s Yard last month and was laid to rest Wednesday.

A female relative explained that since the homicide, the Major Crimes Unit of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has contacted  the family a few times but had nothing to report.

“As a family we are extremely concerned. We are not sure what is happening – some members are fearful for their own lives and we just want some answers, not only for us but  for our nation. We need to have a nation that is secure,” she asserted.

The woman said some relatives have been hearing”so many different things”.

“Word on the street – I do not want to trust word on the street but if I do not get any official word, what word would I trust? So that is where the fear is – the word on the street and we do not like that,” the relative told reporters.

“We need answers, we need closure, we need justice.”

The relative said people should be able to walk the streets without fear of being gunned down.

“The police have to do a better job in trying to bring justice when such calamities happen in our country,” the female relative who spoke on condition of anonymity stated.

She expressed the view that the nation needs to reach out to young people.

“We need a change,” she declared.

“I do not know what is happening within the Department of Justice or within the Department of Home Affairs, but I think the focus and the approach has to be improved. There have to be more strategies to combat crime and to also empower the youth. We cannot continue like this.”

Another relative, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, declared that although apprehensive, family members of the homicide victim are comforted in the knowledge that there are ‘caring people’ in Saint Lucia.

In this regard she expressed her gratitude to Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis and the staff of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) for their support of the bereaved family.

“They were extremely helpful -very comforting and they accommodated us in many ways,” she stated.

The late Stephen’Face’ Francis used to be an employee of the CCC.

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  1. This is just sad sad sad sad…may he rest in perfect peace, Yahweh help us all in this unsafe island called St Lucia….

  2. When ya’ll was benefiting from his criminal activity ya’ll was not scared? Ya’ll did not know it would eventually come to your door? The chickens coming home to roost. I feel sorry for ya’ll but that would not help. Family and parents have to be honest with their children and direct them toward the right things even when they are adults don’t become complicit or accepting of their criminal behavior.

  3. People of St Lucia you need to fast and pray for your nation. Pray and ask God to reveal the killer of your children. Stop taking drugs. Turn to the Holy God of Heaven. Do not look to human for deliverance. Turn to the ALMIGHTY FATHER the Creator of the Universe. St Lucia has become a murderous country. People of St Lucia please repent before it’s to late. Turn to God Almighty with All your heart. Please go to the Holy Bible to find out who you are. You are not just an ordinary people. You are a special people unto God ALMIGHTY. You West Indian people are the children of the most High God. The world knows who you are but you do not know. You are Hebrew Israelites the children of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Your ancestors were taken to the West Indies as slaves. You are supposed to be a Nation Holy UNTO the LORD. The LORD ALMIGHTY is coming to visit this earth very soon so accept HIM in your Heart so that you can be save. GLORY BE TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER ON HIGH.

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