Face-To-Face Education To Continue In Saint Lucia

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Chief Education Officer, Dr. Fiona Philip-Mayer has announced that face to face education in Saint Lucia will continue.

“A recommendation came from the Department of  Health through the office of the Chief Medical Officer, also through the  COVID management centre which was then presented to the Cabinet of Ministers and then confirmed that we are able to continue with this  academic year with our face to face education for our children,” she disclosed in a statement released on Thursday.

“Parents would be aware that we have had whole school for some of our schools, that being 66 in total and alternate days for thirty-four schools,” Philip-Mayer stated.

“This is really based on the size of the schools as well as the physical infrastructure present,” the senior Education Ministry official explained.

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“We continue to ask everyone to be vigilant as we note that our student population would be around the ten to eleven percent of the COVID numbers, regardless of them being in or out of school,” she noted.

In this regard, Philip-Mayer observed that within the family adults have a special responsibility to protect children.

“We very strongly speak to children who have been part of a household that has been impacted that they should remain at home,” she stressed, noting that parents have a special responsibility to continue to support the authorities in that matter.

She gave the assurance that educators and administrators are following the protocols at the schools and speaking to the entire school community to strengthen health protocols in the interest of everyone’s health and safety.

At the same time, the Chief Education Officer pointed to the need for personal responsibility, asserting that all have a part to play.

Her complete statement appears below:

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  1. @ See: Are you sure its the new variant that is spreading in this 5th wave? They have not said that. When 100s of people were dying after the election the PM was saying it was the Delta variant whiles the CMO was saying we had only 51 cases of the Delta variant. Now, the deadly Delta variant has increase you are saying we are experiencing the mild Omicron, when the CMO has not said such.

  2. This is how they are putting us first. Reactive Lucians as usual. Waiting for a catastrophe, then they will run scrambling for solutions.

  3. Those naysayers need to follow the trend. Schools are open everywhere else in the world. Lazy teachers want to keep making easy money and will oppose at all cost. This so call new variant is not a killer. Do we still have common cold ?

  4. @ Just Saying: This is exactly what they did which caused over 200 to die in 3 months. No isolation of the infected.

  5. 20 people of 600+ in hospital. Clearly it is not as dangerous as before. No reason to starve people and deprive them of their livelihoods for what is fast evolving into a cold.

  6. @ We oin. What was used to know that the spread at home or at school is unchanged? School has always been closed during the spike period (the wave) of the virus and open when the spread is very low. During a spike? No way. I can safeguard my child during a spike. Can the school do the same? I don’t trust it. I am not putting down the school. I just know it’s difficult.

  7. @concerned parent. Bravo!! Kudos to you!!!!! I couldn’t have worded this better. This is the reality of all this BS!

  8. The most important point to note is, that the spread among school children will be unchanged, in or out of school. Might as well keep schools open. The spread at home or at school is unchanged. What is important, is for those infected at home, to remain at home. Losers are looking for any thing to punch on. They are still angry. What is most unfortunate is that, we may have to put up with it for years to come. I wouldn’t be surprised if lazy teachers are the most skeptical.

  9. Lushans get what they wanted, to be free for the holidays to have parties, drink with friends, lime at clubs, curfew hours lengthened till 1am on the eves of holidays. Bravo, good job.

  10. I really hope they know what they are doing. What yardstick was used to measure the covid-19 infected students whether they are in or out of schools? I also hope them guys are not using the opening of our schools to try justifying their carnival. They know if there won’t be face to face schooling there won’t be carnival.

  11. Wowwwwww. I am lost for words!! A bunch of morons!!! To make such a decision at a time when cases are rising!!!!! Unbelievable!!!

  12. This is most absurd announcement ever! I would like to know what options are available for the children whose SAFEST place is at home.
    I listened to the CMO Talk about vulnerable children last night. These children cried for help before the pandemic,  and most times help was never given, yet a decision to put every child and family at risk is made because there are vulnerable children!! Oh the hypocrisy!!! Quoting data from their heads with no tangible statistics. Just their own narrative BUT, there are parents who have sacrificed to make their home the SAFEST place for their children!!!!!! Have these been considered????

    Guess they forgot too that after Christmas last year there had to be a shut down of schools and the protocols were much tighter for the 2020 season. Not the nonsense which happened during the past season.

    I guess you all forgot too about all of the unreported outbreaks at schools. Those swept under the carpet.
    The same parents who can’ t control their children during online school couldn’t control them during the Christmas vacation. They were all over the place, including toutouni parties…. and my child has to mingle with them at school!!!
    There is minimal health care in St  Lucia, especially the South yet it is OK to risk sending my child into a physical setting!! Please quote some statistics on lives which were lost as a result of inadequate health care!!! No one knows who the next statistic will be, so why risk lives when there is another option that can work!!

    Conclusions were generated pertaining to two different variants, one which children are somewhat resistant to, and the other where most children were only at school for 10-12 days. Is that sufficient to make the conclusions which were made?? We may have a variant now where children are affected world wide and as the CMO you think that the safest place is the school. And this is the advice given to MOE. I guess covid ate some brains!!!!!!
    Nb: My child’s safest place is AT HOME so what plans are in place for such children from the MOE?? Because you all sit in your offices and turn a blind eye to lack of protocol enforcement at breaks and after school. You turn a blind eye to the secondary school students who adamantly refuse to abide by the protocols. And you the officials  have forgotten that there may be a more contagious variant which affects children on island. I hope you all are ready to handle the monster you are about to create and I pray that it won’t be the innocent who pay the price!!!

  13. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄….I am lost for words!! Where is the MOE and the clueless PM????? Are they addressing the nation????!

  14. The rising numbers indicate that Omicron is the beast that’s currently fanning the flames of this new Corona-virus wave — over 250 new cases announced yesterday, Wednesday, 5th January, which included a positivity rate of over 35%. In light of the fact that Omicron spreads like wild fire, I hope the Chief Education Officer, Dr. Fiona Philip-Mayer, the CMO and authorities of the Department of Health, the people officiating at the Covid-19 Management Centre, as well as the Cabinet of Ministers of Saint Lucia are ready to manage the inevitable consequences of opting for face to face education of the nation’s children at this critical juncture.

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