Fake Coronavirus News Story Falsely Attributed To St Lucia Times

St Lucia Times has condemned what it believes is an obvious attempt to undermine the credibility of our news website which we have tried so hard to build and spread panic among the populace.

A fake news story with a link purporting to take the reader to St Lucia Times was created and posted on social media Sunday.

The story falsely claims that Saint Lucia has recorded a case of Coronavirus.

St Lucia Times NEVER published such a story and condemns not only the attempt to link us to it and damage our reputation, but to spread panic as well.

It is not the first time that we have been victim of fake news stories attributed to us.

In the past we have ignored such attacks against our credibility and our trustworthiness as a news source.

However, this latest attempt is too serious to ignore.

We have always prided ourselves on not getting it first, but getting it right.

That has been our modus operandi, and we cry shame, shame, shame on the person or persons who are obviously attempting to muddy our name and instill fear in Saint Lucians.

Sadly, the person or persons in their malicious attempt have also involved a neighbouring island.

We wish to advise our readers that should they ever get a link that takes them to a page on our web site and displays a “page cannot be found” error message, please check our official channels for verification.

Thankfully, several of our readers who alerted us to the scam recognized it for what it was.

One irate reader asserted that the person or persons who perpetrated the scam obviously knows something about technology and wanted to give the impression that St Lucia Times had published the erroneous story and later taken it down.

Our I.T. person explained that anyone can create a fake link in front of a legitimate website URL.

Clicking on such a link  will display a ‘page not found’ error message.

We wish to assure our readers that we ARE NOT the source of the fake coronavirus story and thank you for your continued support and trust.

We have made formal request for the police to investigate this matter.


    • It,s not necessarily a st.lucian who made up the hoax…those false claims have been through our regional broadcast especially Trinidad and Guyana….just some imbecile seeking attention….if in anyway anyone comes in contact with this virus just consume lots of noni juice and marijuana tea.

  1. It’s so sad to see some St lucians behavior that is a serious disease that kills thousands of people already shame on our people.That is everyone concern don’t know how would one stoop so low.Its all over the on social media very sad for some people want to behave that way fake news.

    • I hope the virus does not come on the door step of the person or persons who engaged in such a malicious act. Shame on you or the person who did this.

  2. It’s kinda dumb to think that this corona thing is not in SLU considering our very open borders. Remember there are both mild and more severe versions of this but I get the point of the article.

    • Something tells me that no matter what do my best to avoid getting the virus that I believe is already here .we won’t be told the truth because the economy is first

  3. St Lucians, please note that if there’s a case of COVID 19, the CMO would be the first to tell us abou it. Remember she has informed us of all suspected cases. If there’s a case there will be an official statement, a quarantine and test samples sent to T&T all that before the announcement of a positive result. Let’s think before forwarding stories.

  4. Very dangerous game being played here. Fake or not. If this word gets out into the travel industry. It could spell doom for our tourism industry. Smells like a competing island messing with us.

    • Dangerous indeed, but I doubt it’s from another island. There are many among us who believe it helps their cause to make others look bad, spread panic or cause uncertainty, by any means necessary.

      Just check some of the comments on this site, you’ll see what I mean.

    • Pirate the cats outta the bag already can’t u see . Edward Jones group that brings in the big break for some hotel employees have pulled out plans made by so many went down hill taxi drivers flocking out at point seraphin plus la plas carenage is filling the pinch why .?? Because St Lucia alone that is is cricking safe no virus .when it too late we’ll understand

    • @ pirate….isn’t that exactly what we need when we have all those foreign ppl and substances entering our midst in this high alert of this deadly virus?just imagine almost our entire population is the amount of worldwide cases.

  5. Honestly i’m sick and tired of seeing people make fun of a virus that isn’t funny at all. one simple virus can turn into something even worse than it originally is not all the time bush medication can cure illnesses. China still can’t find patient zero all we know he/she could be dead, all we know that might have got it from seafood or animals. people are out there working hard to find a cure for this while we sit on our asses making fun of them, i wonder if they do find a cure do you know they can just make the virus more worse and speard it and only them will have the cure for it .

    • You hope the pm finds who? where you think u are bro? Who is prosecuting him for all his lies who is prosecuting him for not answering media questions? Im not agreeing with the fake news but who the hell u think chastanet is id rather prosecute chastanet than to prosecute whoever caused this fake news. Havent u seen and heard of all the corruption that is taking place in the UWP?

    • prosecute for what ??? He is the one who needs to be prosecuted for not doing enough to protect the country . We don’t have testing equipment who’s fault is that ?? He drag his ass on St Jude’s who’s fault is that ?? Fake news or not it’s ONLY A MATTER OF TIME. The Virus is on every continent already, the US Government has just issue travel restrictions for it’s citizen to go on cruises, Italy just did the same, I am guessing before the weeks is out the UK will do the same where will that leave us ?? If people are not going on a boat they are not going on a plane. Mr. Pierre is one million percent right. Every St Lucian under the sun has a right to question the government preparedness, and not because they say it’s ” OK” we are prepared that should be taken at face value. Why are other islands in possession of testing equipment and we don’t ?? Because they were prepared. It’s not yesterday they heard or have been hearing of Corona Virus, St Lucia is not in a bubble. The NARCISSIST with their media house in this country love to bask on self gratification they are the ones who are fooling the masses except your truly and a few like minds. I would say Shame on them, but they have no shame.

  6. As a person who visits St Lucia every year I am saddened to hear this type of thing. It will hender your tourism and impact the upcoming jazz festival. Please don’t shoot yourself in the foot, if this information is being spread by a resident of St Lucia. Stay strong, stay United.

  7. The problem I have with all this is that all those that are going to be afected economically from this Corona virus are just doing their best to hide the facts They are defending their business They are scared that St Lucia will be taged as having the virus and that will stop the tourists from coming.So for us not to be labeled as economicall terrorists we just have to shut up and not say a word if we know something.People are not taking holidays they are not boarding planes or buying Cruise tikets across the world,I wonder why

  8. You can fool some of the people some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time .I won’t be fooled he has ears to hear HEAR

  9. Well St. Lucia I love your island and have been blessed enough to live there for 3 years but back in the states now. I will be back this year and this time around possibly for my life time. Hear me this virus only kills people that already have other upper respiratory diseases which means they have a weak immune system as long as you are healthy and you get this and you’re treated as the flu it’s just like the flu the media has been blasting this in the states as a scare campaign. Y’all good there don’t worry. Btw thanks St Lucia Times for the info

  10. Shitstem, It’s either we die by virus, or we die by starvation. Take your pick. We need dem tourist. Our economy is too intertwine with tourist. Can’t afford to scare dem off.

    • Let,s not go there!…there is enuff fig-vet and maggo to go around,talking bout starvation…pick your choice i’ll pick mines..and it,s rather dem foreigners stay away from me.

  11. Its just a matter of time. Im sure Lucia news online has the breaking news article sitting comfortably in a folder on the desk top, just waiting…patiently….nestled closely to other hot articles such as “Victoria Hospital on the brink of collapse”, ” PM orders schools to close” ” Nation gripped by sickness, religious leaders all on god” “Relatives of Rat Island patients has questions for government”. What a time we live in.

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