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Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm

Family Friend: ‘Sex Slave’ Was Offered Stripper Job In Saint Lucia

A family friend of the woman who said she was kidnapped and brought to Saint Lucia to be a sex slave, has been speaking about the matter.

Fabienne Fermin told St Lucia Times that before leaving Martinique, the woman, whom we shall call ‘Marie-Claude’ said she was travelling to Saint Lucia with some male individuals and some other females who were to become strippers at a club here.

Fermin and members of Marie Claude’s family, including her father and mother, were recently in Saint Lucia with the intention of taking her back home to Martinique where she had been reported missing.

However, the family friend explained that they were told by law enforcement officials here that the matter was under investigation, so they left here without ‘Marie Claude’.

“All we know is that she probably got beaten up while in Saint Lucia by some people – we don’t know,” Fermin told St Lucia Times via telephone from Martinique.

She said the missing woman was first at custody suites and then transferred to another facility where police said she was in ‘protective custody’ because she was exhibiting suicidal tendencies.

Fremin revealed that ‘Marie Claude’ is bipolar and did not have her medication from the time she left Martinique.

“So right now she is going off,” the family friend explained.

“When we reached (Saint Lucia) she did not know any of us. She said she could not recognize her sister, her father. She was just like ‘Who are these people? I don’t know them,’” Fermin recalled.

“Right now she is thinking that she is a Queen or whatever – she is from Venezuela, but that’s just the sickness.”

According to Fermin, ‘Marie Claude’s’ grandmother is from Venezuela.

“We suspect that she had – they have some fellows that are doing prostitution. We suspect that, but we are not too sure about that because whenever she is going through the phase where she is right now she says things that never happened, or she says things that happened a long time ago,” Fremin told St Lucia Times.

She said that contrary to earlier reports, ‘Marie Claude’ is not 16 years old, but 32 years of age.

Fremin told St Lucia Times that the woman is unmarried and has no children.

She expressed her deep gratitude to the female member of staff of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) who rescued ‘Marie Claude’ in the Leslie Land area recently, organized food, clothing and shelter for her and summoned the police.

“The family is so glad that she helped her. Our thanks for her hospitality. Thanks, thanks and thanks, because without her she would be dead by now,” Fermin declared.


  1. Y on earth this story seem like a lifetime movie… It’s like the so called relative is lying to cover up something.. B4 the law hands over this young woman please do ur investigation.. Cuz I don’t drink the story about medications. Bipolar.. Please this young woman needs ur help don’t just turn her in… Something is not right. This individual is covering up something.

  2. If she is bipolar and on meds, then why didn’t the family bring her meds? The meds package would also have her name and age on it.

  3. I hope the authorities look into these stories by the so-called family members. These gangs are brutal and are not above cooking up stories to ensure that the girl leaves with them so that they can do her in. First, Lucian police, no matter how bipolar someone is, it does not mean they do not recognise people. It means they get into mood swings with highs and lows. So that story by the so-called parents that she does not know them is very suspect with regards to bipolar. Second, the police should be aware that no trick is too dirty for those gangs to try to lure the victim back. Thirdly, who are the medical doctors in Martinique that can verify the family story? what hospital are they attached too? Do they have pictures and records that match this person ? Until then, quick decisions should not be taken. If they claiming relative status to the girl. Tell them you need to subject them to DNA test before releasing the girl to them to see if they related to her like they say. Then they will get the message that Lucians don’t play , so dont come up with stories.

  4. Gal16 you are on target with you analogy. You should ensure that the authorities receive a copy of your post. We are living in a wicked time and season where people stop at nothing…the only thing that matters to most is 💰💰💰💰💰💰by any means necessary. Deception is running rampant on every level all over the world and it’s extremely sad.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Gal16 You are so correct with your thought process. I hope the ppl investigating the incident and the law enforcement get wind of your response

  6. I hope and pray this young lady reunites with her family and friends…… I hope the end result won’t be suicide whenever she’s kept to cover up…….. who’s guarding the guards??? 🤔

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