Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Family Of 8-Year-Old Boy Needs Help To Pay For His Medical Treatment

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The family of 8-year-old Leslie Lorrimer Junior needs financial help to pay for his medical treatment, according to a GoFundMe page organised this week by Earnell Phillip.

The OKEU Hospital admitted the youngster with fever, muscle, and joint pain followed by vomiting.

And the Bexon Primary School student has been diagnosed with multiple illnesses.

They include acute lymphoblastic leukemia, severe anemia and thrombocytopenia, and hyperbilirubinemia.

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The GOfundMe page said the boy’s parents, Leslie Lorrimer and Shauville Charles, received advice to seek medical attention in Barbados or Martinique, but the cost is beyond them.

As a result, Junior’s family needs sixteen thousand Euros to ‘give this precious little boy’ the medical treatment he deserves to get back to his usual way of life.

“No parent should have to worry about losing a child, and no child should have to worry about not being able to be around loved ones,” the GoFundMe page stated.

It described the youngster as a tenacious, vibrant, joyous, loving, and caring individual who loves playing outdoor games and cards, especially ‘UNO.’

According to the family, they would appreciate anything people can give.

Headline photo from GoFundMe page

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  1. The ministry of health should rally with this family and their counterparts in Martinique or England to help this poor child.
    Or make arrangements for him to get medical assistance in the U S ,there are Grants for these types of surgery

  2. There is nothing called “free healthcare”. It’s a myth. Someone has to pay for it and it is the dwindling middle class. So, fool y’all selves. Lot Cotay! I do hope that the youngster gets the help he needs

  3. For a small island with two Nobel laureate, we just cannot wait a moment to express our political garbage

    We are missing the point, there is a medical emergency and this time it is a child in need ,we call pull our resources together and make it happen.,

    I think that is achievable but we need other platform in addition to the Gofundme for those who wants to assist but do not use or access such platforms.

    We can achieve such without the input of cooperate entity that is overwhelmed by many of such request.

    We needs a local contact and a bit of innovation to make it happen the possibilities are endless .We can make a difference.

    The challenges for most of these request is transparency and accountability we hear of such campaign but as soon as the target is achieved we hear little or no follow up report on the status and progress of the patient as is the norm for almost every situation in St Lucia. .The break down in communication is way too common in St Lucia .

    Lucian are very generous people but that should not be taken for granted because we do not want our people to loose faith in the structures that are set up to help others .

  4. For a country with two Nobel laureate We wait at every opportunity to talk political garbage always miss the point .What can we do to assist the child?

    I think other options should be given apart from the go fund me options there are many people willing to assist but may not even know how to use that platform.

    There should be some local contact to push and achieve that amount .there are creative ways we can assist .

  5. Wow lost for words a family is looking for assistance and we are goin bck n forth about politics the level of our ignorance

  6. The bitterness in some of these comments is really appalling. All because of politics, SMH. I hope the parents can raise the funds. I plan to contribute.

  7. Isn’t it a fact that we voted against free healthcare? This young man was deprived of it. Now stop the nonsense about politicizing it. NOW YOU GUYS CAN FIRE YOU ALL CRAP. You are in my prayers young man.

  8. @think we don’t have to show the world our ignorance. They are already talking bad of us with your incompetent pm. I know you never believed it and this is why we’re in this shit. Is people like you who have us in this mess. Don’t you worry it will get better with no money and no investors

  9. The Main issue is Medical Care the Child needs and that is very important and Citizens Should assist immediately

  10. Yall fools really believe that Chas would give yall a card with 75000 for medical insurance? Stop politicizing everything and letting the world see how ignorant you are. People the world over use crowd funding such as gofundme to raise money for medical bills despite having free government medical care or insurance of their own. So you believe that the fake medical insurance Chas tried to fool yalk with wouke be for overseas care. Stop being so gullible!

  11. So I guess when Martinique, England or the US are giving their people free healthcare it’s bad as well. This is why we’re still in the gutter.
    Why didn’t we vote for better.
    God don’t like ugly… and we have been doing it to ourselves

  12. Folks the main subject here is to help the youngster. Url talking all kaka and still won’t help .think of him as your son,brother.okease help

  13. Speedy recovery my boy.
    It’s really amazing and I wonder how much some of these idiots are getting paid to politicizes everything. Even death and sicknesses,some of you all are really sick mentally.

  14. I’m praying for this young boy who needs healing. God is the supreme healer, the greatest physician. Receive your healing little Leslie in the most powerful name of Jesus right there on your bed, you need not travel because you know why, God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly all we could ask. Believe in God and trust his word.

  15. Didn’t the former government promise free health care which was refused by the population ? Everyone voted for zero health care instead so I don’t understand

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