Family Of UK National Killed At Sir John Compton Dam Issues Statement

“On 16th August our father, Martin Ellis, of London UK, met his death at the Sir John Compton Dam as a result of a terrible incident. We, his three sons, were with him. Our mother, who is severely disabled, had remained at home in England. 

Our father loved to walk and to explore. Guidebooks, maps and TripAdvisor indicated the dam and nearby bird sanctuary were worth a visit.

We, the three boys and our mother, wish to thank all who helped us, both on the day and to get back to London.

Martin Ellis and sons (Photo supplied by family)

We would like to thank Anne Moy, who was working on site and came to our aid when she heard us shouting for help; the staff and management of St James Club Morgan Bay who were so kind and sympathetic, particularly Alvin the Duty Manager who found out where we were and collected us from Victoria Hospital; Claire Coleman from the office of the British Government Representative, Michelle from AXA insurance and John the Tui Holiday Representative. Between them, they got us home.

We do not accept that we accessed a clearly restricted area of the dam or that we were in any way notified before or on arrival that we had to secure prior permission to visit the site. Indeed, we were shown where to park so as not to be in the way of other vehicles on the site.

We hope that in time the facts leading to the death of our father will be established. We also trust appropriate measures will be taken to avoid similar tragedies in the future. 

Finally, we hope that someone reading this can help to locate our father’s wedding ring, lost during the journey from the dam to the Victoria Hospital, either in the ambulance or where people alight from ambulances and walk into the hospital.

It is a heavy gold ring with beaten white gold between slightly raised gold rims top and bottom. Tristan, especially, is distraught because he thinks it fell out of his bag.

Please, please can whoever found it, return it to us via St James’s Club Morgan Bay? We will gladly pay a reward. It is a one-off piece, made especially for him. Our father wore it for 33 years and it is the one item of significance that we cannot replace.

With our thanks,

Lucian Ellis (19), Tristan Ellis (16), Piers Ellis (14) and Amy Silverston, Dartmouth Park, London NW5.”



  1. So heartbreaking that such young men had to witness and experience this. Hope this will be investigated thoroughly. But WASCO why is the DAM a tourist attraction though? It’s like St. Lucia run out of things for visitors to do?

    • Why do you immediately assume it was stolen. Not even the young man stated such a thing. Can you not think one good thought about Saint Lucians? The ring may have fallen and probably found by someone who has no access to this information were reading. Or it may just be somewhere on the ground still, waiting to be found.

  2. As I have mentioned before, we are too quick to condemn from hearsay. This is just part of who some of us are and we need to change. How many times have I read on these blogs people condemning without one shred of evidence. I hope those who continually do so, use this as a teachable moment. As a St.Lucia I would like to say we are very sorry for your lost. Most St. Lucians are kind, welcoming and proud and we all feel your pain. Hopefully this episode would go a long way in having these establishments do what’s right to avoid such tragedies again. This should never be happening if we have the right safety processes in place. I hope you all can find it within you to visit our beautiful country again.

  3. Nobody said the ring was stolen, yourll too FAST. He said it got lost, fallen out of his brothers bag.

    • “THINKS it fell out of his bag.”

      I think it was stolen. Based on the nature of a number of people in this country and the stories about hospitals. You too fast.

      • You don’t speak like a St. Lucian and so do all those who speak I’ll of St. Lucians.

        Go judge your own country and people.

  4. the ring may have fallen from Tristan’s bag it was not necessarily stolen, hopefully someone with a kind heart would get it and return it to St. James club Morgan bay.

  5. I never knew that the Dam was open for sight seeing. As a St.Lucian who visit
    the Island regularly, I would say that the Dam would be the last place on my list
    to pay a visit to; but again, it always amazes me, what Tourists are really looking for.
    About the fathers’ wedding Ring, sadness multiplied. I do pray that this episode will
    soon be a thing of the past and you all will find the peace from the source of all Peace.

  6. I wasent expecting this email from this family,the drama and sorrow of their loss,from his three sons..All terribly sad.This should have never happened,on the job site.Many are responsible,the ones at the top,that refuse the most basic inputs and necesities of the personel that works there.And the workers that have no input and survive with their basic salaries and the threat of being fired if they spill the beans.Its not corruption its management negligence.
    The ring,the ring of their father,right now this makes me sick as a St Lucian,it would be great that all this ended in a happy way,it would restore confidence in my people.and rub away all the bad talk.We can be better if we try.

  7. Whether is was a tourist attraction or not……it could have happened to anyone…..workers, WASCO managers , anyone. The authorities never knew That live wire was exposed in that area. Unfortunately that dead was a wake up call for them……the safety of workers and everyone else
    …comes first.
    I do sympathize with the family and pray that they find comfort from friends, family, st lucians and God.
    Hope and pray that the wedding ring is found and returned.
    God bless

  8. Why are we so quick to put down our own people and on a public platform like thereof. The article stated that the ring fell out of the brother’s bag, so a St Lucian didn’t steal the ring from the dying man’s finger.. c’mon we really need to stop this

    • Neither did it confirm that it fell out of the brother’s bag.

      It read:
      “Finally, we hope that someone reading this can help to locate our father’s wedding ring, lost during the journey from the dam to the Victoria Hospital, either in the ambulance or where people alight from ambulances and walk into the hospital. …Tristan, especially, is distraught because he thinks it fell out of his bag.”

      Read to understand people before rushing to be part of the comments section. It’s annoying how you people are quick to bash each other only to find out none of you are better. Smh!!

  9. Send a comicion to the Dam,go through all the electrical instalations.Put everything up to our present electrical regulations,change all the boards,old electrical metal pipes,install breakers.Make the place safe for all the workers.You still havent done a dam thing after all these days.Why is WASCO allowed to brake the law?

  10. Play a stupid game, win a stupid prize. This has never happened before. Obviously they were in a place they should not have been. Next time obey the signs especially when Ur in a 3rd world s*** hole with no proper healthcare facilities.

  11. May I thank everyone for their kind comments. We haven’t heard anything about Martin’s ring yet still hope someone picked it up. It wasn’t stolen, it fell out of Tristan’s bag somewhere between the inside of the ambulance and the A&E room. I really wish I did have a picture of it, but it’s one of these things. I never thought necessary because it never left Martin’s finger. Someone must have found it as it would not have fallen onto a path out of doors where it could have been trodden into the mud.

    Three weeks after he died we are overwhelmed by all the things you have to do when someone dies so suddenly and unexpectedly. The only thing I’m good at is staring into the middle distance, replaying memories of our lives together. It still feels like Martin is on holiday and I keep waiting for him to walk in through the front door.

    On a practical level it is going to be very hard without him as he was the family breadwinner and my main carer. He was also the driving force behind the success of the company where he was the managing director. On the emotional level my life has lost its depth of meaning.

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