Family Shocked At Fatal Shooting Of COPD Patient

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The family of a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patient Wayne Lovence,60, aka Bald Head, is in shock after his shooting death on Wednesday at Oldum City.

Lovence’s brother, Vincent Vallance, told¬†St Lucia Times¬†that the deceased could hardly walk.

Vallance said the family looked after the former painter because he could no longer work.

He described his brother as a quiet, kind individual whom people did not know to be bad.

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“Everybody knew him in the area. Everybody knew Bald Head. Why would somebody shoot him?”

Fernando James, the EMS Coordinator for the Saint Lucia Fire Service, said about 11:35 am, emergency personnel received a report of a shooting at Odlum City and, upon arrival, found a man in a house.

James said the man had a penetrating puncture wound to the head and ‘exposed brain matter.’

As a result, the emergency responders left the scene in the care of law enforcement officials.

The Odlum City fatal shooting pushed Saint Lucia’s homicide toll for 2022 to seven.

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  1. @ vibz, really & Today’s times:- great comments guys; I want to add that its beginning to look like St. Lucia is the murder capital of the Eastern Caribbean. men are prepared to sell their Souls to the devil for a price. There is definitely an evil spirit of death roaming about killing by drive by, or any means available; A man shot another in Gros Islet, ended up in Prion in Barboneau, mysteriously let out, ended up in Jamaica, back in prison, paid to get out, the question is, Why the killing, why do you have to kill, is it HATE, or revenge or robbery, or is it for control of Turf for Drug traffic? We have a new Government in place, and it seems that they are oblivious to what’s happening right under their noses. If something is not done soon enough, the crime crisis will cripple the Country – with a war threatening to breakout anytime in Europe, you can forget about Investors, Tourism or any kind of development. I believe the top Brass know who the culprits are, but for some reason are afraid to move in, fearing who will talk. Someone up there knows too well, while St. Lucia bleeds. ( Father God I trust in you to deliver us from this evil, don’t let the poor and innocent perish)

  2. Some of these guys do things just to please the devil- hoping that they will be “blessed” with fortune and plenty material things! Not saying this is the case but it happens all over! Not just regular guys, big shot politicians, lawyers, magistrates as well- making deals and sacrificing the lives of others! Hope the murderer is caught quickly!

  3. It can be some young hoodlum who want to prove his killing credentials. i am not going to say that something dont add up. people can be innocent victims to wicked people. if the man is truly innocent and never harm nobody by putting them to eternal rest, i hope that that they find this miscreant pig in a dung heap that did this and allow him justice facing the same fate. young vieux negre noir must come to realise that you cant just go around taking the life of others and expect to be walking free and playing big man. If enough of them are arrested and made to face the direct consequences of their non-thinking actions, the murder rate would go down to nil. no more bad boy.

  4. St. Lucia is the most violent country in the OECS. Successive governments have failed to protect the citizens from these trigger happy bandits. Instead of immediately dealing with this long standing problem, the members of the present, governing administration are grabbing as much as they can for themselves and victimizing known supporters of the Opposition. Hypocrites, parasites and rascals they are.

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