Family Wants Full Investigation Into Fatal Police Shooting

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Relatives of Terry Emmanuel alias’ Five Bag’ want a full investigation into his fatal shooting by the police on Tuesday at Barre St Joseph.

“What was the reason for killing him? If you have a warrant or whatever to look for him, why not shoot him in the leg? Why shoot him to kill him? Was that a personal vendetta?” A sister of the deceased toldΒ St Lucia Times.

She said the family needs answers and justice.

The sister recalled hearing that the police had shot her brother, and when she got to the scene, she saw her older sibling on the ground, dead.

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“I was told they shot him in his leg, neck, and head,” she said.

Police said officers were pursuing a suspect involved in a robbery at Goodlands earlier when they approached the deceased.

But the sister said she was not aware that Emmanuel was a wanted man.

“What I know is that he was down by my mother and when they told him there were police by the road, he himself said let him go and see what’s happening. So if he knew he was wanted he would not have gone in the police hands, he would have stayed where he was or flee the scene,” she asserted.

According to the sister, after the police shot her older sibling, they dragged him down to the road.

“That was brutal,” she lamented.

Emergency responders from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) headquarters in Castries said they received a call for assistance at about 6:42 pm.

On arrival at Barre St Joseph, they found the body of a 28-year-old man at the roadside.

The responders said the man exhibited no vital signs, and when they transported him to the OKEU Hospital, medical personnel pronounced him dead.

Headline photo: Terry ‘Five Bag’ Emmanuel

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  1. Lol
    Well. If you and your kind stop attacking people, hurting each other, threatening people and each other, live in a way that makes sense, then the police will be uselesz. But you and your kind cause the existence of poluce and for me to iwn a firecracker and put burglar bars at my home and to live in fear.
    So blame you

  2. For the kind of crimes that these guys are committing with impunity and they are still alive .God must have a bigger plan for them fellers lives .

  3. For Death has no shame, which I am so sadden by this incident, but theres are more questions than answers and informations !

  4. She knew damned well what he was up to because it seems to have benefitted she and her family. The police shooting is justified. Why take him down to prison? Wasting tax payers money to house and feed those nasty hoodlum wannabes.
    These worthless pieces of shit are the reason people are now afraid to even step out or stay home alone. These dogs steal because they desire what other people have but do not want to work a day in their lives.
    This sister needs to stfu and go Bury the waste of life your mother gave birth too. His father should have did the world a favor and condomize it.

    Sorry he dead but that’s how he lived. When he was alive you should have spoken to him but you and family aided and encouraged his activities.

    May God have mercy.

  5. Feeling sorry for the officer that did that because this year will b his worst year.. with demons behind his ass in his sleep and will suddenly go mad and lose his job

  6. I feeling sorry for those who think the police shot him to make your’ll feel “safe”. That was their own justice they did there. Already the sister is giving a different story and the police said he was part of the robbery and he shot at them, they didn’t even say the name of the place that was being robbed.

  7. Sister, can you state with a clear conscience that your “precious” brother was not a criminal? If so, then your call for an investigation is in order. However, if you do know that your brother was indeed a criminal (which I suspect you do), lying and pretending will neither bring him back nor make you feel better as a person, so stop your foolishness … “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword”.

  8. Am just asking the RSPF to issue a statement to de other alage perpetrators to report to the nearest police station point blank and period

  9. You want a full investigation and Justice. So all the ppl vehicles he stole, all the ppl he scam, all the robberies he has done and the man he killed don’t want full investigation and justice. B**CH. Officers continue to take out the trash pls. Good Job.

      • Until it does not hit home you will not know how it feels the police could of just bring him down. But no revenge alone in our minds. Two wrongs never makes a right and with url mindset i am feeling sorry for St.Lucia.

    • lol Judy says untill it hit home you will not know how it feels and that is so true she most likely does not know how it feels to work hard and then when you get home all your things are gone, she does not know how it feels when these guys post things on face book to sell and then rob you when you come to buy the item which they never have. So definitely who feels it knows it and the majority in that community are happy that he is gone,

      When people property gets violated and you talk about it you never see or hear anyone doing anything, but from time the known criminal element is shot by police and dead then now all family members want to come out and say something but they were defending and encouraging their evil ways.

      its sad he had to die a sad death like this but none the less that is the life that he choose and if my family was a thief and i know that for a fact i would not come out and defend none of their actions, yes it would hurt me that my family is dead and gone but you sow what you reap my brother. at the end of the day we should not rejoice in someone demise but the way i see it going people are breathing a sigh of some relief and the old people are right. Si Pani Situwez Pani VOLER!!!!!!!!!

  10. Until all facts come out f*** these police officers…they might as well planted that gun on him knowing how dirty the police is….now tell me if he new the police was looking for him and he went willingly to speak to them why would he hv a firearm on him makes no sense πŸ€”

    • ….make sense if he knew the police were looking for him why go to them with a loaded gun ? If he was the one who commit the attempted robbery could the victim/ victims give us a positive ID. Was there gun power residue on his hands ?? The police claimed they were fired upon…….any eye witness to this , and was it him who was firing at cops . You cant take what the police stated as facts or face value, I am not defending criminality but, St Lucian Police reputation on lack of transparency supersedes it’s self

    • Lol
      Well. If you and your kind stop attacking people, hurting each other, threatening people and each other, live in a way that makes sense, then the police will be uselesz. But you and your kind cause the existence of poluce and for me to iwn a firecracker and put burglar bars at my home and to live in fear.
      So blame you

  11. Kian from Barre St Joseph and Marvin from Bois Patat Dat have dem mun doing all dem shate… I eh know why police or somebody eh kill dem fellas yet…. Jus preeing robberies and scams…. I myself want to give dem mun some serious cutlass but they gud in hiding…. Wen I self run out of patience I going nd buy my 10$ Gas and I passing by dem mun home… Burn everything flat…

  12. now @fed up and troy….i always say url know these things instead of telling us here go and tell the police…i am sure the person family in monchy want answers too…..troy tell the police where ryan is,…..smh……

    well i eh know 5bag but boy rip..

  13. Quite frankly, before reading those articles in depth, I generally scan for my favorite phrase. It goes like this, “the man exhibited no vital signs.” Then, and only then I know if reading the article is worth my time.
    Make Barre St. Joseph great again!

  14. She was His Accountant and Secretary .These Foolish Relatives who Cover up the Criminal activity of their Brothers and Sisters

  15. yup i was expecting this, here comes the one family member defending their deceased voler/criminal relative. the police report said Officers were in pursuit of a suspect involved in a Robbery at Goodlands earlier during the day when they approached the deceased.

    During the Robbery suspects fired upon the responding officers in an effort to evade arrest. Several of the suspects were pursued from the scene, and the now deceased was tracked to Barre St Joseph.

    Now you the sister is saying you didnt know your brother was wanted?, are you with your brother at all times of the day? if he was one of the suspects that was at goodlands and they tracked him do you honestly believe the police will come in looking for him waving a white flag after shots were fired at them earlier at goodlands? Right now there as you see a police officer was shot dead because of criminal elements like your brother all criminals have to be afraid now.

    now i dont know if he is the one that fired the shots after the police cause there were others involved but he already put himself in hot water if allegedly he was at the scene of the robbery

    also the police found a gun and ammunition allegedly on his person, now tell me if they found a gun on him why would he say let him go and see what is happening by the road with a gun on him when you said he was told police looking for him?

    These guys and some others in that same area do people so many things and everyone around that place know what these guys are doing and have been doing ,break in people house, sell vehicle for people and rob them and take the money and you want to get vex because he sowed what he reaped.

    After they shot him they dragged him like the dog he is, when people losing the things they work hard for because of people like him isnt that “brutal” you should a tell your brother get a job that way he would not be dead there are enough businesses in the cul de sac area he could have found work to do. Nonsense and i hope the others that with him in the area take notes to.

  16. Uneducated sister let me educate u on something. Police don’t need a warrant to search u. And who the hell u are to determine where the police should shot any individual. The nonsense you’ll saying they should shoot him in the leg, girl go and find something relevant to do and don’t come and say nonsense u want full investigation. If there is an investigation I’ll rallying people in the streets of Castries to march against an investigation.

    • Why bash her that’s her brother and she is defending him ….perhaps they shared a close bondage and she is acting out because of his sudden death (normal). In your eyes she is “uneducated” because she is demanding justice for her love one (unnormal) on the other hand there are not enough exclamatory adjectives to describe who the hell you are.

    • You are actually misleading people police do need a warrant to search ,probable cause and my first seek permission to search a person if not compliant they can be detained and the seek a warrant but the law just skip steps and just search you forcefully cause no one educates them self and even before you are searched a officer must announce him self by name and badge number and give a reason for the search before you comply or your person is search.

      • @ justice is blind, actually i dont think what you are saying is entirely true, i am not sure if it is this news outlet but there use to be days the police would show certain laws of the island and it would be posted up on the news outlets if it is Saint Lucia times i wish they would bring it back but i saved it some years ago and this is what it says:


        (1) A person mayβ€”
        (a) with or without warrant or other legal process, arrest and detain another person whom he or she knows to have committed an indictable offence;
        (b) if the other person, having notice or knowing that he or she is accused of an indictable offence, avoids arrest by resistance or flight or escapes or endeavours to escape from custody,

        -use any force which is necessary for the arrest, detention or recapture, and may kill that other person if that other person cannot otherwise be arrested, detained, or retaken by any other means.

        unless this has changed but let me know

  17. Shut the hell up u shameless sister. You playing as if u don’t no terry. He was involved in a number of things including a homicide in monchy. U forget. U hypocrites. Just take your brother’s body and go bury him. Don’t play u crying the day of the funeral cause I’ll be right there to tell u stop crying u hypocrite

  18. Here we go. Usual relatives reaction. Oh he was a good boy really. They spend years hiding the crook in their family. Well done RSLPF.

  19. The sister knows for sure Terry was a hard core criminal. For the amount of vehicles he has stolen and other things he has done, police had a right to kill him. The sister is an accomplice in the stealing he was doing. Ryan your turn is next.


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