Fare Adjustments on Route 4B (Vieux Fort – Belle Vue)

PRESS RELEASE: The Department of Economic Development, Transport and Civil Aviation would like to inform the general public of the fare adjustments to take effect on Route 4B from December 4, 2017, pursuant to the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Public Omni-bus Fares) (Amendment) Regulations, 2017.

The Department reminds public Omni-bus owners and driversĀ that, a driver of an Omni-bus shall not charge or demand more than the fares chargeable.

The Department reminds also that the fares, in relation to the route which the public Omni-bus has been authorised to ply, should be clearly displayed inside theĀ Omni-bus.

The Department of Transport therefore, seeks the cooperation of both the general public owners and drivers.

Saint Lucia Minibus Route 4B Fare Adjustments 1

Saint Lucia Minibus Route 4B Fare Adjustments 2


  1. Very good for them. They needed Labour out. They gave so many votes to this bus driver. Look it. Take it.

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