Farmer: Deliberate poisoning killed some 50 pigs

Pig farmer, Curt Cornibert, is counting his losses after some fifty of his pigs died at the weekend.

Cornibert believes that the pigs were deliberately poisoned.

The Forestiere farmer told the Times that the animals were  healthy and alive one day and dead the next day with a greenish colouring on their underbelly.

Cornibert explained that he has had to endure theft of his animals and their food despite making frequent reports to the police.

He told the Times it was not the first time that his pigs have been discovered dead.

However he said the most recent incident represents the first time that so many animals were involved.

“This is a very serious issue,” he declared.

He disclosed that the animals that died had been bought as piglets from a friend, with the intention of growing them and slaughtering them at Christmas time for their meat.

According to the farmer, the pigsties are situated in an isolated area, with no homes nearby.

Cornibert said he could offer no explanation for what he said were the attacks on his livelihood, except that some people may be jealous of him.

Despite the situation, he revealed that he still has some 80 pigs left, including some newborns. However he said the loss of some fifty pigs was a huge setback for him.