Father desperate for answers in shooting death of son

Grieving father, Cuthbert Jameson, wants answers in the shooting death last night of his son, Kimran Jameson.

The father told the Times that although he was not aware that the twenty-six year old deceased had problems with anyone, he could not say what activities  young men engage in while their  fathers are asleep.

The older Jameson recalled that he was at his home at Jacmel when Kimran came riding on a horse to meet him.

kimran-jameson_stluciaThe father said that they then went to Kimran’s home in the same community where they sat talking, until a jeep came and picked up the young man.

He said thirty minutes had not elapsed from the time when the young man left, when a relative called to say that Kimran had been shot.

“I told them no, because Kimran was just there with me,” the father recounted.

kimran-jameson-2He said he went to Victoria Hospital where he saw his son lying on a bed.

The father said his son died at about midnight last night, leaving behind a two year old son.

According to him, the deceased was about to start work with a construction company.

The older Jameson described the recent upsurge in gun violence as a very sad situation.

“I did not expect that one day a member of my family would be caught in that,” he lamented, adding that he himself has no trouble with anyone.

“When I hear that news it was a shock to me,” Jameson declared.

“The fellow he was with, I don’t know if he had a reputation already, but my son – I don’t know, sometimes when you in bed, the fellows are out – I don’t know.I can’t say nothing much because sometimes when you in bed the guys are out,” he explained.

Kimran Jameson was one of three men hit by bullets in a drive-by shooting at Morne Du Don last night, shortly before 9 pm.

The three men were in a Suzuki jeep, according to the police.

The two other men were identified as Sebastian Edward and Rosemond Thomas.

They were both hospitalized.