Father In Viral Spanking Of Two-Year Old Defends His Actions

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A father who swore at a two year old and spanked him in an audio recording that went viral on social media, has defended his actions.

He accused the boy of defecating on a bed and covering the ‘poop’ with a towel.

The man spoke exclusively to Cecile Actille of MBC Prime Wednesday night.

In an audio interview with the television channel, the unnamed father asserted that he was merely meting out discipline to the child.

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He explained that the mother had left the child with him, explaining that the two year old was potty trained.

The father said the mother informed him to put pampers on the boy at night time because he urinates on himself.

“During the day I sit down there with him, he s*** on the cushion. I tell him ‘If you know you want to s***, you know where the toilet is’,” he recalled, declaring that he did nothing to the boy.

The father said he called the child’s mother, informing her that he could not deal with that situation.

He recalled advising her to collect the child.

However, the father told MBC Prime that the mother did not pick up the boy.

He stated that on Tuesday of this week he left the child home for a few minutes to visit a neighbour and when he returned, there was filth in the bedroom.

“The man s*** all on the floor and he take my towel and he cover it and he go on the bed like if he sleeping and the whole bed full of s***,” the father observed.

He explained that he complained to the neighbours and later contacted the child’s mother, MBC Prime reported.

The father of three admitted to the television channel that he made a belt out of cloth and spanked the child.

“When my children hungry, nobody doing anything for me. If I discipline my children – I mean, you know what you do so much you take a towel and hide it and you going and play like you sleeping?”

The father declared that people do worse than what he did, including ‘touching’ their children – an obvious reference to sexual abuse.

“I discipline my child. When my child need pampers, I not going by anybody and ask them,” he asserted during the interview that was punctuated by ‘bleeps’.

The father said he recorded the spanking and sent the recording to the child’s mother.

The child has since been placed in the care of his mother and the police have become involved in the matter.




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