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Updated on July 9, 2020 3:51 am
Updated on July 9, 2020 3:51 am
Updated on July 9, 2020 3:51 am

Father: Mentally Challenged Son Had Toy Gun When Cops Shot Him

L’ Anse Road resident, Michael Beharry, says his mentally challenged son, Mervin Beharry, had a toy gun in his possession when he was shot by the police Monday morning.

The father told St Lucia Times that he was at home taking his medication when he heard four gunshots.

“I went down the road and I saw a lot of people standing there, so I went to see and I saw it was my son that the police shot,” Michael Beharry recalled.

He said when he ventured to see his son, the police prevented him.

“They pushed me back. They told me they will talk to me in a bit – but up to now, they never talked to me,” the father stated.

He said the victim was taken to hospital.

“He is not too bad,” the father said of his son’s medical condition.

According to the father, his son was shot twice – once in the leg and once in the chest.

Law enforcement officials said that officers were responding to a report of a male brandishing a gun in L’ Anse Road when the shooting took place about 11.00 after a ‘confrontation’.

Michael Beharry however asserted that his son had a toy gun.

“It’s a toy gun the man had. A toy gun. He always has toy guns. We always telling him to put these things away, because if the police catch him they will want to do something with him and that’s what happened today,” he told St Lucia Times.

Beharry revealed that his son, who is in his forties, is not “all there”.

He described the situation as sad.


  1. Well you should have taken that toy gun from him! how will the police know that the gun is fake? This is well justified

  2. It’s unfortunate that your son was shot but how would the police know it was a toy. They had to assume it was real and they dont know your son was mentally unstable. They did the right thing.

  3. This is bad in many ways,first you should not be walking around with a toy gun.Father should have done something about this a long time ago.Now the police should not have fired to the chest of the victim,they had him allready by shooting his leg.Besides were is the confrontacion ?a toy gun is a confrontation Police have to be trained in a better way,the best weapon to stop anybody is a shotgun specialy in close quarters and shoot to the legs,you get the guy,and you dont kill

    • Clearly you know nothing about shotgun wounds, especially at close range, where they leave a massive hole. You need to read, or at least try a Google image search.

  4. There are different ways to get thing resolved . The right tools for the job. The police could have damn well used rubber bullets to disarm the man. Some policemen are just too trigger happy. I call that unprofessional. Smh

  5. Really a mentally unstable man with a toy gun was almost killed by our police and it was justified really!!! If the father took that gun from him he would somehow find another. Anyone who uses that road often is aware that .an is mentally unstable but poses no harm, if greeted loowah responds by hailing. The useless, reckless young men driving people crazy in town, have ppl looking over their shoulders while walking through the city. That’s what the police need to respond to the school children walking with weapons putting others lives and right to an education in jeopardy that’s what needs urgent response. Upon arrival I’m almost positive they realized he wasn’t of sound mind but they lack proper training to handle theses cases. How many mentally unstable must die by the hands of our police.

  6. It is said that the guy was well known as mentally challenged as he frequented the area where he was shot. If the police were involved in community policing this could have been avoided. The police need to get to know the people that they serve. They also need much better and ongoing training.

    • That’s the way it use to be. Police was friendly with people.

      My grandfather never arrested anyone. He broke up fights and stop people from broking the law.

      He would warn them to behave; and tell them if they don’t, they would make him arrest them. He was loved by everyone who knew him.

      But now is every man for his pockets, not peace and safety. They are not getting the murderers, so they made an example of this man.

      Then the sales of toy guns and war toys which are known to be dangerous, should be STOP!

      All parents who have children with war toys should encourage them to destroy such toys.

      We as parents need to realize buying war toys for our children will make them grow up to like them.

      Very sad!

      • Well said! The police should do as your grandfather did. True policing is getting to know the people you serve by frequently interacting with them. This big stick approach only engenders hatred, anger and more violence against the police. The police want to instill fear in the people to reduce crime. What the police should do instead is to earn the respect of the people. Fear only lasts for a short time, respect usually lasts for a lifetime .

  7. Liz, Bullshit and Fisherman you all no absolutely nothing about firearms or firearm training. The police responded to a call of a man brandishing a weapon, do you even think that the person who called knew that the guy had a toy gun? Obviously not otherwise they would not have called the police in the first place if they knew. Guess what? the Police would not know that it was a toy gun either especially if the toy was a convincing replica. How do you know that the individual did not point the gun at the police when he was asked to drop the weapon. The time it takes to even entertain the thought as to whether a gun is fake or unloaded could most likely result in your demise if you guessed wrong. How do you know that he wasn’t shot in the leg first and was still approaching the police with the raised firearm and was then shot a second time in the chest to effectively neutralize the perceived threat. Guess what Fisherman even a bullet to the leg especially a shotgun blast can cause enough shock and trauma to kill someone, its not always like what you see on TV. Its not the Police’s job to be killed in the line of duty they have every right to counter a perceived threat to their lives even if it requires lethal force. The father should shoulder the blame for allowing his forty year old son to be walking around with toy guns and you three should be blamed for watching too much Tv and making asinine statements about firearms and firearm training .The shooting appears under the circumstances to be reasonable and justified.

  8. An unstable man with a “toy gun”, I would have shot too. I understand officers everyone on here takking, but you guys are confronted daily with potentially deadly situations, you too have families and want to get to your homes as well. Survival is the goal and pay no mind to the cowards on here because they will be calling you too if an unidentified man is wielding a gun in their backyard as well. Papa you should have taken the toys away.

  9. The Father said it all .He always warn him about walking with Toy Guns .The police action is Justified and that’s the Bottom Line

      • you must be mentally challenged too if you believe that the police would assume or know that it was a toy gun being pointed at them.

  10. Gun shot wounds dont make holes ,you have to get your gun knoledge strait shot guns were chosen as weapons for close encounters ,to wound more than to kill,there exists 8 diffrent kind of loads for a gauge 12 cartridge,this is the most used by police,the loads are clasified by numbers,and these numbers are related to the amount of led pellets in each load,the lower the number the less pellets but heavier,for example you chose cartridge number 2 and 3 for duck hunting ducks are extremely heavy very strong feathers not easy to penetrate,the pellets are heavier and bigger aprox 225 pellets per cartridge,then comes numbers 4,5,6,and 7 to make it short number 7 is used for shooting partridge pigeon and hare or wild rabbits,these cartridges load 320 pellets in average and dont have much penetration acording to distance,in average these pellets can reach distances of 60 metters maximun all these are considered sport cartridges.Then we have the special loads ,you have to have a license to purchase these loads in many countries they are called buck shot loads,there are two tipes light and heavy the light will hold around 12 to 15 rond led balls in each shot and the heavy holds 9 to 10 led balls these are big.this amunition is used for big game like wild boar,mountain lion,at close range when you have a wounded animal charging at you you shot at 10 to 15 feet range,wilst you praying These shots are devastating in the range of 10 metters then they spread out to mutch.Then come the solid lead head that is similar to a bullet called Brehmem or Breneke,this is used for wild boar and deer,this bullet will travel up to a 100 meters and it has a terrific stopping power because of the diameter of the bullet and the flat head,you have to have a very good gun to fire these amunitions.So here for all to learn what nobody will ever teach you in this part of the world,a short resume with the basics,enjoy

  11. Sorry Fisherman, your response to TIM is highly irrelevant and taken straight off the internet, any grain from a shotgun or even the smallest of all calibers like the.22 short cartridge in the femoral artery of the leg can cause death by hemorrhagic shock. I’m afraid that Tim is right.

  12. Yes ex soldier any little pellet can cause death or complications dont ever call a 22 caliber small that is one of the most deadly calibers in the hands of a good shooter Pellets spread at 10 meters 70% will hit the head the spread will reach nearly two feet at your toes just estimate At 300 meters I will kill you with a 22 caliber,with the right rifle and bullets.Remember the snipper in DC ? I dont pick up from the internet,this has been just a small part of my life,I started reloading when I was ten years old,because I was in that club,my baptism, were the piramids are in 1967,in the shortes war ever so far.The rest is my privacy sorry.We ended here OK?

    • Of course the .22 is the smallest cartridge there is and the Ex Soldier is in fact saying that it can be quite lethal as well. What exactly is your point?

  13. That’s what the police always do esp. If they wanted you a long time and then get the perfect opportunity my kids dad was target so as well to shots to the leg and they still hit the chest smh but sigh life when you think the power in your hand and you know the law will give you right that’s police on a hold but god Is great on judgment I have no fear

  14. In Queen country and most of Europe,a court calls it excessive use of force,and you end up paying,or getting yourself fired from the force.Course they all have bullet proof vests,cameras,and radio comunication with a controler,that is monitoring all your moves,he sees more than you.Here in St Lucia we in pampers behaving like animals

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