Father Says Deceased Biker Intended To Give Up Motorcycles

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Moses Ishmael, whose son Kareem Auguste died in a collision near the Rodney Bay Marina on Saturday, says the deceased intended to give up motorcycles.

Ishmael recalled urging his son to do so and said Kareem responded that one day he would.

“He told me he is cautious on the bike. He told me he already knows where people are stopping, how to handle the bike, he is not a fast ride, he would not get himself in trouble,” the father told St Lucia Times.

But he explained that on Saturday, a vehicle that was overtaking another hit his son.

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“My son had no choice – could do nothing to defend himself, so that’s why my son lost his life,” Ishmael lamented.

Moses Ishmael

Ishmael, who operates a hotel in the north of the Island, said Kareem left the business place about 7:00 pm.

The businessman said he happened to be passing the same area when people told him that his son was in an accident, at which point he exited his vehicle and saw Kareem on the ground.

Ishmael disclosed that an ambulance took Kareem to the hospital, where half an hour later, he was pronounced dead.

“My son was a great boy. He had a lot of potential. He was a loving boy – he was a boy that would understand me, and we had a great relationship. I was going to let my son take over the business. It is the biggest loss in my life,” he stated.

Headline photo: Kareem Auguste

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