Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Father Says He Warned Murder Victim About Bad Company

The father of the young man who was gunned down Monday night on Waterworks Road, Castries, says he warned the deceased about the company he kept.

Police said that Hendi Calderon was killed about 9.00 p.m, becoming the second homicide victim for the year so far.

The father of the deceased, Hendrickson Herman, recalled warning the young man that his life was at risk because of the people he associated with.

“It don’t have long I speak to him and I tell him, ‘My boy, the same people you following, they will track you down – they will kill you.’ It don’t have long you know I speak to him about certain individuals he join with them,” Herman told St Lucia Times.

“I don’t make his choice. That was his choice to be a gangster; so if he die like that he die like a gangster. But that is my son,” the father said.


  1. I, concur with you Sir.He, chose to follow bad company,so he paid the ultimate price.We,make Children,we direct them on the right path, however,they chooses their own way of life.Most times when parents try to lead their Children on the right track,they turn around and tell you, your time pass already, you’re old fashion,but they fail to realize that by choosing the wrong path, it will lead to their early demise.However ,in most cases when they’re gone their old associates, who also chose to live the low and ghetto life are still there,but is wondering, if, they’ll be next and when. I,urge these young guys out there,to listen to your parents and stop following the bad eggs and your life shall not be at risk.

  2. It is very rear you will hear a parent admitting that their child made some bad choices; most chose to live in a state of denial. I commend this father for having intestinal fortitude and courage to call it like it is. I pray that God will give him strength. I look back at some bad choices I made, and have to thank God for keeping me, and thank those who worked so hard to get me off the highway of self-destruction and onto a highway of positive progression. Hopefully, other youths will learn from this and make better choices.

  3. He.didnt Listen to his Father .He should have gone and live with his Father but I guess because of his Life style and foolish Friends that was the end result .These young guys refuse to work just lime on the So called block with their Trousers way down their behind and Rob innocent persons of their belongings.In a photo he’s Showing off how much $100 Notes and so many gold chains around his neck .That’s a clear indication as to what type of life style he was living

  4. After losing so many of our young men in st.lucia
    Others are quick to go the same road.
    I think that a law should be put in place for parents to take insurance of the so-called GANGSTERS.
    Because at the end of it all we parents are left to face funeral homes all alone.
    They are gangster but can’t pay for their own funeral.
    Gang mi Rass
    Gang die in mass
    Gang die like fly
    Gang oh my
    Gang to show off
    Gang to lose wings like moth
    Gang to be bad
    Gang fi parents fi sad
    Gang they no fraid
    Gang know how guns were made
    Gang fi die young
    Gang fi do every thing wrong
    Gang fi de letters R.I.P
    Gang who never live to see
    Gang âge 15 to 20
    Gang die pocket empty
    Gang gone to soon
    Gang blood shine like moon

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